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We are LakeUnited

Kitetrips, kitecamps and kitecourses: We combine kitesurfing as a unique sport with wonderful destinations, courses at the highest level and a very special community feeling.

From the lake, that's where we come from!

From positive emotions about Lake Neusiedl and the love of water sports, we created a name that unites all these feelings: LakeUnited. 

When someone mentions the lake, we immediately have a certain feeling and certain images in our head: The endless freedom of kitesurfing, enjoying moments together and spending time on the beach.

It is these moments that make our lives worth living – with time as the most valuable asset.

We are passionate about this project - or nowadays called “Start Up”. 

We really enjoy working in this industry. Coaching, traveling together, creating special moments, gathering people and helping them to gain new perspectives and progress. We could have chosen our name more banal, such as “Kite Travel Austria” or “” - but this would not feel right, it would not suit us either. It would not be honest - and that's what we are.


Our offer


Kitecamps mainly take place abroad and always have a training character. Our years of experience and our concentrated knowledge, combined with great pleasure in the cause, will give you progress and above all a legendary time.

Kite courses

Time-focused workshops that take place on different topics, mostly in Austria. We share our knowledge from over 32 years of experience - correctly read, thirty-two! You think we're bored because we've been doing this for so long? Nope, we're just getting started. 


How much we love these trips - creating friendships and moments for eternity. We take care of the handling and everything on site. You don't have to do anything other than be part of it. Traveling together as a community, there is nothing better than being part of it.

Book your success now

Kitecamp in Egypt

21.11.2020 - 28.11.2020 / 28.011.2020 - 05.12.2020

A huge standing area, turquoise water and a very high wind yield are ideal conditions. This one week is all about kitesurfing, improving skills on the kite and working out together on the water. 

from € 1.080,-

Inklusive Unterkunft Halbpension, Coaching und Equipment

The holy grail

Snowkiting in Norway

01.03. - 10.03.2021 / 12.03.- 21.03.2021 / 05.04. - 14.04.2021

Are you ready for meters of snow, endless hills and crackling open fires in our own hut in the Norwegian mountains? Norway is really the holy grail of snow kiting. You won't find better conditions anywhere.

from € 1.147,-

Includes accommodation, rental car and guiding

From our Blog

Online Live Kite Coaching

Online live kite coaching

"Sure, online coaching for kitesurfers. How is that supposed to work? It's ridiculous ... ". Up until a week ago we thought similarly, BUT it works so well! You learn a lot. Now is the right time to ...

Give us a try, we'll do our best!

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