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Immerse into the world of kiting with us

Welcome at LakeUnited

Kite holidays, kite courses and special events: We combine kitesurfing as a unique sport with wonderful destinations, courses at the highest level and a very special community feeling.

Our years of experience and our concentrated knowledge, which we are extremely happy to pass on, in combination with endless fun, guarantees you progress and above all a legendary time - regardless of whether you are traveling with us, attending a course at our home spot at Lake Neusiedl or you are meeting with and our community online for the time being.





Kite holidays, kite courses and kitefoil workshops

Gliding over the water with the force of the wind, edging and flying away ... Too romantic? We disagree! Come and kite with us, improve your skills or learn kitesurfing with us in one of our kitesurf courses, workshops or kitecamps at the best kite spots in the world .

Visit us from spring to autumn in Austria, travel with us to Denmark and Spain or join us in Egypt or in Kenya for a warm winter vacation.

No matter whether beginners, advanced or professional kitesurfers, whether solo travelers, families with children or even Kids among themselves. We have a package for everyone who wants to spend a relaxing time. And if not, we'll come up with something ;-)!


Landkiten mit Flysurfer Kite

Landkite courses, mountain boards, kite buggies

Landkiting is a fascinating sport that is not only interesting for people practicing for kitesurfing on the water. Flying a kite on land has practically no entry barrier and keeps on inspiring us “old hands” again and again.

Come to us in Austria - near Lake Neusiedl or in the Vienna area and take one of our landkiting courses. All year round we organize courses with trainer kites, depower kites or foil wings and practice flying and going around with mountain boards, skateboards or kite buggies.

Landkiting is suitable for everyone who wants to try something new, who wants to discover kiting for themselves or who wants to improve their skills on the water. For foil wing enthusiasts, the deaf and children we organize special landkiting courses.


Snowkite vacation, snowkite courses and workshops

Endless expanses, away from the hustle and bustle on the slopes, powered by a pinch of wind, gliding silently through powder snow: You can also fulfill this dream! Pack your ski or your snowboard and attend our courses in Austria and at the Lake Reschen in Italy or treat yourself with unique snowkite moments in one of our camps in Norway and Romania.

No matter whether beginners or advanced, whether with kite background or without experience - everyone can take one of our one- or multi-day courses, trial courses or extended snowkite vacations.

Learning success is achieved extremely fast and almost automatic when kiting on snow. Fun factor guaranteed!

Current highlights

We would of course like to introduce you to trips, courses or events that are just up to date and not yet fully booked, or those that are particularly important to us and where we have created additional places. Here are our current top offers.

Book your success now

Kitecamp in Egypt

21.11.2020 - 28.11.2020 & 28.11.2020 - 05.12.2020

A huge standing area, turquoise water and a very high wind yield are ideal conditions. This one week is all about kitesurfing, improving skills on the kite and working out together on the water. 

from € 1.080,-

Includes accomodation, half board, coaching and equipment

The holy grail

Snowkiting in Norway

01.03. - 10.03.2021 & 12.03.- 21.03.2021 & 05.04. - 14.04.2021

Are you ready for meters of snow, endless hills and crackling open fires in our own hut in the Norwegian mountains? Norway is really the holy grail of snow kiting. You won't find better conditions anywhere.

from € 1.147,-

Includes accommodation, rental car and guiding

Our offer at a glance

News in our blog

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A kite goes around the world!

A kite goes around the world!

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Online Kite Coaching

Online Kite Coaching

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We are LakeUnited

Coaching, traveling together, creating unique moments, gathering people and helping them to gain new perspectives and progress. That's our goal.

We are passionate about this project - which you would call 'start up' nowadays.

Olsen and Patrick from LakeUnited

From the lake, that's where we come from!

When someone mentions kiting, we immediately have a certain feeling and certain images in our head: Endless freedom, enjoying moments together and spending time on the beach.

Based on positive emotions about Lake Neusiedl, the love of water sports and the enthusiasm to share our knowledge and experience, we founded a company and a name that should pack and convey these feelings: LakeUnited.

Live and in color

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