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Kitesurfing, camping & spot hopping in Greece

Funkschulung von Land aus

„Home is, where you park it!“ According to this motto, we and all those who are just as freedom-loving are going to Greece with the campers. We spend one and a half weeks on Olsen's favourite spot which, in his opinion, couldn't be more fantastic. Constant wind, mirror-smooth water, the world's most beautiful sunsets and much more. Now you're probably wondering where we're going ... However, that remains our secret for the time being 

A little tip: we could be aiming for Lefkada 

In June we set up tents on a 50 meter wide sandbar and live in harmony with nature, half an hour away from civilisation.

Together we want to experience unforgettable moments, take advantage of the wind until the evening red, sit by the campfire, marvel at the Milky Way and the exciting Van Life together with the community.

Due to requests from the community, we have extended Van Life and are now offering 10 days pure Greece, including 3 days of guided spot hopping.

Join us, the adventure awaits you!


Olsen's favourite spot

Constant wind, flat water, the most beautiful sunsets in the world and much more.

7 + 3 Days

Seven days of kiting at your favorite spot, three days of spot hopping to explore the dream spots in the area.

Small group

Our group has a cozy size, but is still large enough to allow individual retreat

2 Guides

We are here for you, especially when travelling. Our goal is that you can take as much as possible with you.


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Dates & services camping in Greece






Kite courses and workshops without hour limits, including radio training and video analysis for all skill levels.

Our kite coaches are specially trained by us, far beyond common standards. LakeUnited Coaches, meet you where you are and help you boost your kite level..


We recommend the Full service package including equipment: Test what it takes and have the right kite size with you every day. With the basic package you could bring your own equipment.

Leave us a request and we will send you all the information about the packages. 


„Home is, where you park it.“

We set up camp on a 50 meter wide sandbar and live in harmony with nature. 

If you don't have a van, you can bring your tent with you.


Full service package 

€ 1.260,-

includes equipment rental, coaching, guiding

Request an offer and you'll get all the information including available packages and prices.

  • 19.06. - 28.06.2024

    Beginner and advanced camp

You can contact us any time and we will send you all the important information you have to know. Just contact us and we will send you news and updates, if the date isn`t the right one for you. We`ll find a solution for almost everything.

Punctual to the second, the wind arrives

Spot & wind in Greece

The wind starts every day at 12 noon and then gets stronger as the day progresses. So you usually start with 15sqm and foil and then relatively soon switch to 12 and later to 9. The sundowner is followed by the Magic Golden Hour where the wind becomes buttery soft and the sessions are almost kitschy.

We camp on a headland surrounded by the sea. The shallow lagoon on one side and the sea on the other. You can start into the water directly from the van.

Lagoon: Mirror-like water, soft subsoil and the standing area in the lagoon invite you to try new things and get up high.

Sea: Sideshore winch and knee-deep water offer beginners enough space and safety to practice.

River expedition & spot hopping Let us surprise you!

Less is more

Accommodation #VanLife

Depending on where you park your van, you can choose between sea view or mountain panorama from the bedroom window. Ob du mit dem Van, dem Camper oder einem Auto mit Zelt kommst, bleibt dir überlassen. Du entscheidest selbst, wie viele Sterne deine Unterkunft hat. 

There is a large community tent for even more community feeling. Here we end the evenings together, taste Greek ouzo, conjure up better zaziki than the Greeks themselves and look forward to a few guitar hits. 

The nearest supermarket and fresh water supply are about 25 minutes away, so stock up accordingly. A few minutes' walk from the camp there is a nice Greek tavern that offers snacks, cool drinks and a toilet. 

Time to relax

Activities camping in greece

The thermal wind starts daily between noon and 1 p.m.

This gives us enough time to relax. Playing boccia, reading books, exploring the area with the SUP, making music, snorkeling ... oh, we'd like to go straight away.

At your own pace, you decide what you want to do. Everything is possible, nothing is neccesary. This is the LakeUnited kite vacation.

Detailed information on the Van Life Camping in Greece

For years we personally have been drawn to Lefkada every summer. A guarantee for a successful kitesurfing holiday. 

We have briefly summarized all the useful information for you.

We set up our headquarters on a promontory in the middle of the Greek Aegean. We enjoy the spot right in front of our car/tent door for seven days. Afterwards we explore the kite spots in the vicinity as part of our spot hopping and drive to where we like it best and where the wind is just right.


Of course, there are also different workshops at camps with LakeUnited, which give you a comprehensive insight into the world of kitesurfing. We design our program according to the circumstances. 

Are you still a kitesurfing beginner? You are welcome to book beginner training with us and enter the world of kiting with us! Please let us know when you make your booking.

You want maximum progress? Of course you can also book private lessons directly on site and expand your skills. Since our goal is your maximum progress, you can look forward to a brilliant time with many successes.

LakeUnited's events are always educational. Because our goal is that you can take as much as possible with you.

We place great value on practice and can now look back on more than 15 years of training experience in kitesurfing. Nevertheless, we are constantly evolving by continuously revising our concepts.

After all, there is not just one way, because everyone learns differently and needs different inputs. In addition, one or the other may already have made mistakes that need to be specifically corrected 

We use different approaches to improve your skills on the water and on the kite. We will hold several workshops and also offer video analyzes - if everything goes well, even with a projector in the evening. This has already proven itself many times! Because we love detailed work, we can draw your attention to little things that others don't even see. Often, just a few small changes lead to the desired success and you enjoy more fun and safety on the water. 

In our high-quality kite lessons, we clearly see our strength in empathy and in working on a personal level. With empathy and a lot of fun, we will pick you up right where you are. This applies to beginners as well as professionals, after all, we have already trained some kite instructors in our academy.

Yes, kitesurfing is strength training! So that you don't just build up your muscles while towing your kite and otherwise sit around waiting for better wind, we offer you our equipment for rent. 

Whether land or water kite, a lot or little wind - we always have the right equipment for you! So you travel much more carefree, use new kites from top brands such as Flysurfer and Duotone and have more time on the water overall.

In over 10 years in Greece we have found the best locations for hungry culinary evenings. 

Every few days we will carpool and drive to the next town to replenish our food stock.

Please note that the nearest supermarket and the nearest fresh water supply are really half an hour away. You should therefore take appropriate precautions when you arrive.

Of course we also want to try traditional Greek food and look for cozy taverns where the Greek grandma with a big nose cooks herself and the host puts an ouzo on the table without being asked.

Welcome to Greece!

There are several options here. The best thing is to contact us, then we will be happy to advise you!

As a camper you are very flexible and can put together the route according to taste and duration.

If you come with a rental car and tent, a flight from Vienna to Prevezza in just 2 hours is recommended. 

Travel insurance: We are no insurance agents, but we are obliged to offer you comprehensive travel insurance. And in truth, cancellation and travel insurance somehow makes sense. Just let us know and we will send you an offer from 'Europäische Reiseversicherung'. 

Do I need a camper or is a tent enough?
A tent is completely sufficient. Olsen and Patrick also sleep in the tent.

Are there toilets at the spot?
Yes, there are very well-maintained toilets at the tavern at the spot.

Can my partner (not a kiter) come with me too?
Yes, your partner is welcome to come with you. We do quite a lot, apart from kiting: trips to Lefkada, SUP tours, beaches, moped trips, etc

Do we cook ourselves or do we go out to eat?
Whatever you want. Sometimes we cook together, but you can also go to the tavern every day and eat very well. We will always eat out in Lefkada. A culinary dream 🙂

How reliable is the wind there?
In principle there is a very reliable thermal which, depending on the spot, usually starts gently at 12 o'clock and the wind usually blows until sunset.

Do we always stay in the same spot?
We are mobile and follow the wind when it is better somewhere else. We are in a very good spot to have all wind systems within range (within about 2 hours driving time).

Do you recommend traveling by ferry or overland?
On the way there we usually take the overland route because it's quicker. We usually take the ferry back because it is a relaxing journey and the body is usually tired after all the kitesurfing.

Do I need all-wheel drive?
No, you can get directly to the spot in a normal car or van.

How far is the nearest town?
The nearest village is about 30 minutes from the main spot. After a few days we usually go shopping, fill up with water, etc. Carpools are often organized here so that not all vehicles have to drive.

Where can I get drinking water?
At the village square (30 minutes from the spot) there is an opportunity to fill up drinking water with a long hose at a café.