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Kite course for advanced kiters - Coaching in Podersdorf

Kitesurferin im See

There are the finest days here at Lake Neusiedl when it really tingles. And it happens quite often! When the westerly winds over the Leitha Hills to create a big stir or the warm south winds let you kite without your neoprene.

The lake offers perfect conditions for our kite courses and coaches.

Our kite coaching is aimed at advanced kite surfers. For these courses we have developed a special concept that will take boost your skills in short time, focused on your personal goal.

After fixing your appointment with us, you will receive individual preparation videos for your coaching preparation at home. On the water, you will be coached intensively by your private trainer using radio helmets and taking videos. In the days following your kite course there will be another detailed debriefing and analysis of your recordings via video call.

Sounds good? We make you a better kitesurfer!

Leuchtturm Podersdorf

Progressing with kite coaching

We have developed a concept to boost your skills in a short time. Learn how to better go upwind, jibe, turn, jump really high or finally nail that special trick. Everything is possible and you decide what your coaching is about.

In Advance

In Advance

Your goal, your preparations

In advance, we will clarify in a detailed phone call where you would like to improve and how we can support you. In advance you will receive information about the key points and what is generally important on the way to your goal.

On The Water

On The Water

Progress to the max

On the beach, your coach talks you through the key points again. Immediately afterwards you go - equipped with radio and video technology - for 1.5 hours on the water. For you and your coach now begins the hard work: coaching intensively towards your goal.

After Your Session

After Your Session

Relax and enjoy

When you come out of the water tired and hopefully happy, your brain probably wants to take a break. Or you just want to go kiting an extra round. We know both scenarios just too well! Therefore, there is only a mini feedback session immediately after your coaching.

Following Up

Following Up

Feedback & learnings

The debriefing takes place online a little later. Your coach looks at the clips from your coaching one more time and works out the key points, which you go through together. Your questions are clarified and the learnings documented, which you will then receive by email.

Prices and registration

Kite coaching in Podersdorf

€ 274,-

excl. equipment and entry ticket

Kite coaching incl. kite + board

€ 299,-

excluding wetsuit, harness and ticket for the beach

  • March to October

    flexible schedule

Contact us if you want to make progress. After registration, we will contact you personally and discuss everything else. 

Participant (you)
Coach (yours)
Goal (yours)

Kite courses

Kitesurf courses at Lake Neusiedl

We are specialized in teaching advanced kitesurfers. Our private lessons are always held with radio units from BB-Talking, so we can communicate permanently and tell you in a second what you need to change.

On top of that, we record your kite session on video and do a comprehensive video analysis together. So you are perfectly prepared for your next session and are able to work on your progress. You will of course receive the recordings from us so that you can watch them again and again. 

Please consider: wir unterrichten am Neusiedlersee keine Anfänger. Da wir natürlich gut vernetzt sind und die Kiteschulen am See kennen, vermitteln wir dich gerne zu einem Anfänger Kurs, sodass du auch als Kite-Anfänger auch optimale Fortschritte machen kannst. 

Possible goals

Kite lessons for advanced kitesurfers

You can kite well and you have fun doing it. But you would you like to learn something new? Jibing or turning more smoothly, catching the sweet spot for the perfect jump or jumping a few meters higher. Then our private lessons are just right for you.

For example: 

Kitesurfing at Lake Neusiedl

Spot & wind Podersdorf

With its versatile winds and the huge standing area, Lake Neusiedl offers unique conditions for kite surfers. Depending on the wind direction, we will choose the spot for your private lesson. From April to October you can usually find pleasant temperatures and constant winds here.

Welche Größe du benötigst können wir dir hier nicht mitteilen, denn dies müssen wir uns in der jeweiligen Situation anschauen. Nimm also immer deine gesamte Kiteausrüstung mit. 

Manchmal braucht es den 7er Kite, auch einen Leichtwindkite solltest du nicht Zuhause lassen. In der Regel fährt man bei uns am See allerdings mit 9- 12 Quadratmetern. Spots gibt es am Neusiedlersee ausreichend. Vorwiegend funktioniert Podersdorf bei allen Windrichtungen blendend. Allerdings bietet auch Breitenbrunn bei südlichen Richtungen einen wunderschönen und einzigartigen Kitespot.

Details about our kite courses at Lake Neusiedl

Here we have summarized everything you need for youand your kite course at Lake Neusiedl 

Especially when training advanced kitesurfers, it makes sense to hold a mix of theory and practice. This means that the lessons of 2 hours do not take place on the water only So far, we have hardly taught anyone who has been able to enjoy such a long time on the water practising new stuff. Believe us, you will fall more often than usual.

That is why the unit is a mixture of theory, practice with radio and video recording. You will also receive a comprehensive analysis of the video recordings. 

We also recommend not packing too many goals into one unit. Should you achieve your set goal in a short time, we will of course look for another goal together. 

Since we only hold our courses for advanced kite surfers, most customers have their own equipment available. If you need equipment, you can also rent it. 

What you need:

  • Kites and bars in various sizes
  • Board 
  • Neoprene and harness 

Event: We are of course waiting for optimal conditions for our kite course. If you book a course or a unit with us, we will contact you and together we will look for a suitable kite day. Together we will check wind forecasts for you. This means that you only incur costs if the weather conditions allow something meaningful. 

Meeting point: we will agree depending on the wind direction. Mostly, however, we choose the north-north beach in Podersdorf as the spot. 

If you prefer a different meeting point, just let us know. We are very flexible in our work.

Payment via bank transfer: after booking, we will send you an invoice for the course fee. If possible, please transfer the amount in advance of your course. 

To get to the beach by the lake you need an entrance ticket at all spots. This is not included in our course price. 


Information about CoVid-19

Since we always strive for your complete satisfaction, CoVid-19 is not a problem for us. If we are not able to carry out a camp or a trip or should not be allowed to travel to or enter a country due to restrictions, we will notify you in good time and you will get your money back.