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The ultimate adventure

4x4 Off-road Kitecamp Oman

Die LakeUnited Karawane aus Offroad Fahrzeugen im Oman am Weg zum Kitebeach

Experience the ultimate off-road adventure with us in Oman! Crossing rugged mountains, driving through the desert, into dreamlike oases, accompanied by the flair of the Orient - to one of the windiest kite spots in the world. Accompanied by - you won't believe it - dates.

Starting from Muscat we cross Oman with off-road vehicles, which also serve as our accommodation. On the way we get to know the country and the incredibly friendly people. We experience the flair of the Orient in the desert, its oases and at the bazaar up close.

Can you smell the spices yet?

After our 4-day off-road tour we arrive at the kite beach in Sur Masirah, where we set up our camp for six days. The kite spot in Oman is a kitesurfer's dream come true: Boardshort temperatures, crystal-clear, turquoise-blue water and 4 Bft wind 25 days a month.The Omani mean 'above wind force 4' seriously. The common kite sizes are between 6 and 9 m². But the sea also lures with another highlight: the incredible underwater world of Oman.

Come with us to the land of dates, scents and friendly faces. Oman is definitely worth an adventure!

Ein gedeckter traditioneller Tisch mit Tee und einer Schale Datteln im Oman
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For four days we explore Oman with our off-road vehicles: through canyons (wadis) into the mountains, to old cities and through the desert to the east coast. On our way we get to know the friendly Omanis, take in the scent of oriental spices and discover why Oman is also called the land of dates.


We start our journey well equipped. Our 400 hp 4x4 vehicles are equipped with camping equipment (camping stoves, crockery and cutlery, mats, tables, shovels and even a shower). The cars have a roof tent for two people. All you really need is a summer sleeping bag - and a little off-road experience.


The prerequisite for participation is that you can safely go upwind. You can come with your own equipment or book a rental package with us. 

Oman is a strong wind area, so we recommend relatively small kites.

Dates & pricing

10.08. – 19.08.2023

€ 1.680,-

excluding meals & kite equipment

Secure your spot!

In total, we only have ten spots available at our off-road kite camp in Oman. You have to be quick and secure a seat.

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More information about the off-road kite camp

Land of dates, scents and friendly faces

The Sultanate of Oman

Oman - or rather, the Sultanate of Oman - is located in the south-east of the Arabian Peninsula. Where the incense route had its origins, you can find old tradition next to modern comfort today. Completely without artificially inflated cities with skyscrapers, which are otherwise common in the region.

The crime rate is comparatively low. The Omanis are very friendly and accommodating. They welcome their guests with joy. It can happen that someone invites you to dinner on the street because they would like to talk to you about their country and culture. The official language is Arabic, the commercial language is English, and there is also a colorful mixture of Urdu, Persian and Swahili.

4×4 off-road with 400 hp

The off-road adventure

We start in Muscat where we pick up our fully equipped off-road vehicles. After stocking up on provisions for the next few days, we drive along the wadis into the cooler mountains.

Bathing lakes, rafting canyons and a fantastic view await us there. The next day we continue to Nizwa, the oldest city in Oman, where we stroll through the bazaar and stock up on spices.

We continue towards the desert - the first thing to do is to have some fun and drive up and down the dunes at high speed. We spend the night in the dunes with a campfire under the Arabian starry sky.

The next day we head for the nearest oasis and then continue towards the sea. There the ferry is waiting for us, which takes us to the nearby island to our kite spot. There we will camp, kite and snorkel for the next 6 days.

Most probably the best spot

Spot & wind

Oman, the pearl of the Orient. This undoubtedly also applies to our kite spot at Sur Masirah. The ferry from the mainland to the small island takes an hour. A few shops, coffee shops and restaurants are located where the ferry docks. But we drive a little further to set up our kite camp. To endless beaches and the turquoise blue shimmering sea. Shallow-water lagoons border shallow areas, with a small island on the horizon just waiting to be explored. In addition, there is a constant wind, which makes the temperatures really pleasant. We won't need kites larger than 9 m², but maybe a waveboard for the waves on the other side of the island. Another highlight awaits us under the surface of the water: the fantastic, colorful underwater world: "It's like another world, like Pandora," enthuses Olsen, "everyone really needs to pack their diving goggles and snorkel, you have to see that!"

Detailed information about the off-road kite camp in Oman

Fancy a great off-road adventure through the mountains and desert of Oman? Discover with us the flair of the Orient up close and one of the windiest kite spots in the world.

We have briefly summarized all the useful information for you.

It definitely makes sense to use our kites, so that you are always well equipped for all conditions. If you do not have your own or not the appropriate equipment, you are welcome to rent from us. 

Kite equipment for the duration of the camp: € 530.-

Two participants share a four-wheel drive vehicle. All cars are well equipped with camping equipment (stove, crockery/cutlery, mats, tables, shovel, shower) and have a roof tent in which two can sleep well. If you prefer to sleep alone, you can take an extra tent with you. Basically, you only need (for hygienic reasons) a summer sleeping bag.

Our cars are equipped with camping stoves, crockery and cutlery. If we feel like it, we can go shopping and cook together. Whenever we feel like it, we visit one of the many coffee shops or restaurants for a snack.

Eating out and groceries cost about the same as in Central Europe. Alcohol is significantly more expensive

Die Anreise erfolgt selbständig und ist nicht im Preis inkludiert. Zielflughafen ist Muscat, dort treffen wir uns jedenfalls am 10.08.2023 um 07:30 Früh.

Unsere Tour endet am 18.08.2023 abends in Muscat. Im Anschluss werden wir die letzte Nacht im City Seasons Hotel in Muscat verbringen (nicht inkludiert, bitte selbständig buchen)

Money: Currency exchange is possible on site. Or you can withdraw directly on site with a credit card. Money changing opportunities are relatively rare, especially at the kite spot, no money can be changed in Sur Masirah.


We would be happy to send you an offer for cancellation and / or travel insurance.