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Landkiting in Austria: Landkiting courses

Landkiten mit Buggy

We ourselves discovered the fascination of kite sport through land kiting. That's how we started to deal with the topic "kiting". It is easily accessible you can go land kiting almost every day.

We see land kiting as a unique sport of its own kind that we still love. Controlling and flying the kite, cruising on a mountain or skateboard or breaking speed records with a buggy - land kiting is wonderfully versatile.

Landkiting offers the optimal and safe entry into the world of kite sports or serves as an extended dry exercise, also for advanced kite surfers. 

Our land kite courses take place in different variants throughout the year. Perfect for people who want to practice land kiting as their own sport, as preparation for the kite sessions on the water or to improve their skills on the kite. 

Flysurfer Peak im Sonnenuntergang

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Landkiting courses in Austria


Buggy or Mountainboard

Intensive course

Landkiting Basic

The entry point into this exciting sport. You will learn how to control a kite, how to assemble and disassemble the equipment and feel the power of the wind. Training with depower foil kites, the perfect equipment for kiting on land. For beginners and even advanced kitesurfers, who want to bring their skills to the next level.  

Duration: 2.5 hours

€ 189,-

Group course including equipment

Buggy or Mountainboard

With a mountain board or buggy, you can move around easily with the help of the kite - this is land kiting. We show you how to use the kite, how to control and steer it and how to use the power of the wind to kite on land.

Duration: 3.5 hours

€ 249,-

Group course including equipment

Intensive course

It is about your own progress. Within two days you will learn to fly the kite perfectly, you can test different kites and have some fun with a mountain board and buggy. This course is suitable for every level, regardless of whether you are beginner or advanced kiter.  

Duration: 6 hours (two days)

€ 499,-

Group course including equipment

  • January to December

    flexible schedule

Land kiting is possible all year round. Most courses take place on weekends in the greater Vienna area or near Lake Neusiedl. We are very flexible when it comes to appointments and follow your schedule. However, we only hold our courses in suitable wind and weather conditions, which we will inform you about before the start of the course.

Gift idea: Landkiting Course Voucher

Giving is so much fun. We recommend the sensibly invested free time as a gift. For example a voucher for a land kite course. Just get in touch with us, we will be happy to advise you so that you can give away the right course. Our vouchers have no expiration date and can be redeemed for all of our offers.

Beginning or Progress

Landkiting basic

Our basic course aims at optimal kite control. Here you will first get to know the material and equipment, including the safety systems. With a lot of focus on practice, you will learn how to fly and steer the kite in the wind window and how to control the power of the wind. And believe us, controlling a kite and feeling the power has put a smile on everyone's face until now. Caution: risk of addiction!  

Landkiting offers the perfect introduction to the world of kite sports. It doesn't get any easier or better. So we see land kiting as a separate sport and also as a cornerstone for all other orientations, such as: kitesurfing on the water. 

Move on land

Mountain board or buggy

You will learn a safe and controlled handling of the equipment, first of all the kite control. Then it goes into more detail, where you gain practical skills, such as: safe driving, the first controlled changes of direction and free movement, even against the wind, with the kite.

The goal is that you can move around with the kite independently - of course under permanent supervision by your trainer. You just have to decide: mountain board or buggy? Both have an extreme appeal and, above all, are a lot of fun. With the mountainboard you can also go freestyle and jumps in the future, yes, this is also possible. With the buggy you can cover considerable distances and break your own speed records.  

Children and adolescents

Landkiting for children

We definitely recommend landkiting for the youth. It's a lot of fun and you can practice all the movement sequences that you also need for kitesurfing on the water. While we usually recommend an age of 10 years and more for courses on the water, you can start a lot earlier with land kiting. Likewise, one celebrates faster successes with land kiting than on the water. 

Through the perfectly developed material, landkiting is a safe entry point for lightweights who want to control the power of the kite. We have a special range of courses for children and teens. Of course, you can book and participate in our country kite courses together with your children. 

Landkiting in Austria

Thanks to years of experience and above all the fun of it, we are experts in the field of landkiting. You can find more information here.

We have several options for our courses - depending on the wind and weather and your needs. 

Vienna: In Vienna we hold our landkiting courses on the Danube Island near the Schulschiff. It is very easy to reach by car or the underground U6. 

Burgenland: At Pannonia Fields we can really have fun together with the mountain board or buggy. 

Podersdorf: Perfect and excellent for collecting kilometers while street kiting. 

Course dates: We are very flexible in scheduling. Every day is actually suitable for learning something new. In this respect, simply contact us and we will make an appointment for a course. 

Requirements: There are no requirements

To take with you: weather-appropriate clothing, sturdy shoes, sunglasses and a helmet if available. Your own longboard for the streetkiting course would be ideal.

All prices include equipment (kite, bar and harness)

With 15 years of training experience, we rely on the highest quality for our landkiting courses. You will be introduced to this new sport step by step.

If you do not have the right equipment or do not own kites, you are welcome to rent the kite equipment and a mountain board or buggy from us. 

Just get in touch with us and we will take care of your precious free time. 

Quality of our courses, but also of the training material is important to us. We exclusively use equipment from Flysurfer for our landkiting courses.We have a large selection of kites and the right material for every condition.

The complete equipment (kites, bar and harness) is included in the courses.

Giving is definitely a pleasure. And we believe that you shouldn't give unnecessary gifts. Give meaningfully invested leisure time - give landkiting. Just contact us for a voucher. We will send you the voucher by email.