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Deaf watersports in Podersdorf

Kitecamp for the deaf in Podersdorf

Our kitecamp in Podersdorf is aimed at the deaf who want to learn kitesurfing or who want to improve their skills on the water. And of course at everyone who wants to have a good time with other deaf kitesurfers. 

Wie love Lake Neusiedl and its wonderful versatility. As locals, we want to introduce you to the Seewinkel and our homespot with all its facets.

During this week, both deaf and hearing kite instructors will accompany you so that you can make as much progress as possible in this special water sport.  

Unforgettable moments, perfect sessions and sometimes the most beautiful sunsets! You can find all this and more with us in Podersdorf am See. 

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Kite courses including equipment and video training for beginners and advanced kiters. 

A deaf kite instructor, two interpreters and two kite instructors ensure your progress. 


We recommend the full service package including equipment and coaching.

Leave us a request and we will send you all the information about the packages. 


We recommend that you stay in Podersdorf. So we can spend evenings together. 

We are happy to help you with the booking. 

Full Service im Mixed Camp

€ 649,-

excluding accommodation

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    Entry and intermediate camp

You can contact us any time and we will send you all the important information you have to know. Just contact us and we will send you news and updates, if the date isn`t the right one for you. We`ll find a solution for almost everything.

The lake at its best

Learn to kite at the lake

The Neusiedlersee is versatile and our home spot. Anyone who knows the lake learns to love it, because there is hardly a comparable ambience and legendary kite sessions are created. With mainly (north) west directions, the Neusiedlersee shows itself from its best. Due to the shallow water it is ideal to learn to kite or to make progress. Yes, you can stand anywhere. 

As part of the kitecamp, we teach you theory and practice every day. Of course, we attach great importance to the practical units that take place on land and on the water. Thus, depending on the wind and weather conditions, we ensure that you make good progress on the kite. The Neusiedlersee and the surrounding area offer the perfect conditions for this. Did we mention the sunsets?

We recommend


We would be happy to recommend something suitable for you. Depending on your wishes, we will look for the pension together. We also recommend shared accommodation for the participants. Here we are of course flexible in all things. The important thing is: you don't have to spend the night in Podersdorf, it makes the week easier and you can also end the evening comfortably. 

So: if you want to stay overnight in Podersdorf, we are happy to help. 

Discover the Seewinkel


The Seewinkel or Lake Neusiedl has a lot to offer in addition to the most beautiful sunsets. Here at the lake there is a lot to experience and discover. We'll show you our home spot and even tell you our secrets. 

Detailed information on the deaf kitecamp in Podersdorf

Come visit us in Podersdorf, we will show you where we live. We have been exploring the Seewinkel almost every day since 2006. We know almost every corner and we still don't get bored. So let two locals show you the Neusiedlersee. 

We have briefly summarized all the useful information for you.

This is about progress, community and experiencing the Seewinkel region. As part of our travels or vacations, we want to create unforgettable moments. 

Our kite camps always have a training character and are aimed at complete newcomers, but also at experienced kite surfers. As part of the kitecamp, workshops on various topics are included, which also help experienced kitesurfers. 

This week we train you on land and water. We plan joint activities and organize guided downwinders, depending on the wind direction. 

There is a lot to discover and a lot to experience. We offer you an unforgettable vacation. 

LakeUnited's events are always educational. Because our goal is that you can take as much as possible with you. We place great value on practice and can now look back on more than 15 years of training experience in kitesurfing. Nevertheless, we are constantly evolving by continuously revising our concepts. After all, there is not just one way, because everyone learns differently and needs different inputs. In addition, one or the other may already have made mistakes that need to be specifically corrected. We use different approaches to improve your skills on the water and on the kite. We will hold several workshops and also offer video analyzes - if everything goes well, even with a projector in the evening. This has already proven itself many times! Because we love detailed work, we can draw your attention to little things that others don't even see. Often, just a few small changes lead to the desired success and you enjoy more fun and safety on the water. In our high-quality kite lessons, we clearly see our strength in empathy and in working on a personal level. With empathy and a lot of fun, we will pick you up right where you are. This applies to beginners as well as professionals, after all, we have already trained some kite instructors in our academy.

Yes, kitesurfing is strength training! So that you don't just build up your muscles while towing your kite and otherwise sit around waiting for better wind, we offer you our equipment for rent. Whether land or water kite, a lot or little wind - we always have the right equipment for you! So you travel much more carefree, use new kites from top brands such as Flysurfer and Duotone and have more time on the water overall.

If you need help finding accommodation, contact us - we will be happy to help. 

Since there is a lot to discover in culinary terms in the area, we will plan dinner together and entrust you with our insider tips. We'll show you the culinary highlights around Lake Neusiedl.
Lunch and dinner are not included in the price.

All roads lead to Podersdorf. Whether you get to Lake Neusiedl by car, plane or public transport is entirely up to you. We are of course happy to help you should you have any questions. 

Travel insurance: We are no insurance agents, but we are obliged to offer you comprehensive travel insurance. And in truth, cancellation and travel insurance somehow makes sense. Just let us know and we will send you an offer from 'Europäische Reiseversicherung'.