Our partners

Patrick und Olsen mit Kites am Strand

We are fond of sustainable, intensive cooperation and collaboration on a personal level. Without passion, authenticity and a passion for the kite industry it would not feel good - just not right. 

That is why we have chosen our partners very carefully. If you have any questions about products or would like to find out more, just contact us. We advise you without obligation, free of charge and damn honest. 

Kitesurfen auf den Schultern von einem anderen Kiter


It's an intensive collaboration - we know each other well. That's exactly what we like. The personal connection, when you know the faces behind the brand or the products.

We also consider ourselves lucky being able to add our 2 cents in the develpment of new products and to extensively test the material before official product launches. So we have our direct contacts at Flysurfer. If we don't like something or if we like something very much. This is extremely important to us in our work in the kite industry. We can highly recommend Flysurfer as a specialist for foil kites.


We haven't had Airush on our radar for a long time. About the story: when we finally completed the official training as a kite instructor in 2006, there was also a certain “Mike”.

A friendship developed with Mike - the great thing about Mike is his passion and commitment to this sport. And so, in addition to his other activities in the industry, he concentrated on Airush sales in Austria.

Of course we had to test the kites, try them in the training and put them under the microscope when kiting ourselves. And yes, it was convincing - this was the beginning of this collaboration. Sometimes it's just coincidences that make history.


How much we love the feeling of hovering over the water with Levitaz foils. We haven't found anything comparable. Based in Salzburg and with incredibly high quality standards, Levitaz Foils produces and delivers the very finest variety. Again, we would say it is a family business where we have direct contacts. In terms of price, the foils are in the upper segment because Levitaz cannot and does not want to produce in large numbers like large companies. That is precisely why the products are top class.

You could compare it with an organic farmer - you have to dig a little more, know what you get and have the finest produces. A real treat - where you can feel the difference. In this case not on the plate, but under your feet on the water.


There has to be a certain passion in the kite industry, otherwise it doesn't feel right - just not honest. Manfred, like us, has its origin on Lake Neusiedl. There is no wind day when Mr. Woodboard is not to be found at the lake. And by the way: when we order boards, Manfred always delivers them personally.

His boards are high quality, regional and, on top of that, inexpensive. We can still remember the first meeting well - then everything was clear: it's about perfection, passion and the optimal board in different conditions. The way we like it. It doesn't take a huge selection of different boards to recommend the best one for all needs. If you want to test a woodboard, or if you have any questions, just get in touch.


You never forget where you originally came from. We both worked at Kitesurfing.at on Lake Neusiedl for many years, and have gained some experience from there. We still maintain intensive cooperation and excellent communication today.

If you are looking for a high-quality kite course in Austria, you are at the right place at kitesurfing.at, because the team and the concept are excellent. We recommend taking kite courses at Kitesurfing.at, which can also be read in the reviews of the kite school. When we are in Podersdorf, you can usually meet us at this kite station. It's like our living room, so we really love to spend your (free) time there.


KiteVillage is our second HomeSpot, so to speak - the place where everything started with our kitetrips. The Austrian station owner Klaus Schweighofer could be described as a mentor and icon. Hamata was created by him in the desert and offers perfect conditions for those who want to learn kitesurfing quickly and easily.

We love going there every time - the successes there are impressive. Many of our kitecamp participants are now regular guests in Hamata - not without reason. The warm nature of the entire team, the infrastructure and the perfect conditions make Hamata so unique.


In full gear, i.e. neoprene and trapeze, you look like a sponsored professional skier. There is a logo everywhere. There are many selections of neoprene and harnesses - also some very good ones. And some bad, but expensive.

Independently of each other, we personally opted for ProLimit products. For years we have been completely satisfied with the quality and the price-performance ratio. Since we are always honest, especially when it comes to advice and sales, we cannot recommend bad products to you. And when we do, we'll tell you. 

Recommendation: Mercury neoprene and Vex or Vapor


The first encounter with SunZapper was in Kenya. In Kenya, close to the equator, the sun burns down intensely. A higher level of protection was needed, because the 50s sunscreen was far from sufficient for the nose and face. Olsen is blue?

With funny colors as sun protection or as a sun blocker on your face, you can be carefree on the water a little longer. And we liked this, which is why we brought SunZapper to Austria. So if we're blue, it's only because we protect ourselves from the sun, or something like that. 


Duotone is the so-called "big player" in the kite industry, which is why we are all the more pleased to have this brand on board with LakeUnited. Duotone offers first-class kite equipment in all facets. 

We organize some projects exclusively with Duotone, such as our Kite4Kids camp. The kites and boards from Duotone are very well known and we also love to fly kites such as a Rebel or Neo. We also use the wave boards. 

ION Sunglasses

Who would have thought, we are getting older too. In the past, we didn't care much about eye protection when kiting on the water. We can fly the kite blind anyway. Despite the youthful carelessness, neither of us need reading glasses. 

We now swear by ION Sunglasses, because on the one hand they offer perfect eye protection for all water sports enthusiasts and on the other hand ION sunglasses are also stylish. 

Again, there is the right ION glasses for every face. Sometimes you have to get used to new glasses. But one thing is certain: optimal protection for the eyes on water and on land. 

SP Boarding

We have become very demanding over time. If it's not our favorite binding, we don't really feel comfortable. Often, pads and straps are simply bought along with the board, without further thinking. But there are massive differences here, because every foot is different.

And because we like to be optimal in our binding, we have custom made pads.