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Snowkiting course with the world champion

Learn snowkiting

Snowkiter mit Flysurfer Soul im Schnee

You should use the cold season for kiting as well. Olsen established snowkiting in Austria with his own snowkite school and has successfully held snowkite courses for enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders for several years already. 

Let's glide over the snow with the help of the kite, experience the endless expanses and learn snowkiting right here in Austria.

Away from the crowded slopes, you will experience a new dimension that will broaden your horizons. You also spare the lift ticket! 

Snowkiting doesn't only work on flat areas, you can also go up the mountain with the help of the kite. 

Give it a try and get to know a new fascinating sport! Learn snowkiting in Austria. If the conditions are right, we also organize courses in the Vienna surroundings.

Snowkiter mit Bergen im Hintergrund

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Overview Snowkiting courses

Two-day course

Snowkiting: a solid basis
  • theory and practice
  • Perfect kite steering
  • Target: snowkiting independently
  • Duration: app. 12 hours

Three-day course

Snowkiting: the intense course
  • theory and practice
  • Master all situations independently
  • Target: turns, first jumps
  • Duration: app. 18 hours

One-day course

Snowkiting: an introduction
  • theory and practice
  • First experiences on the kite
  • Target: Go the first few meters
  • Duration: app. 6 hours


Umsteigen von Wasser auf Schnee
  • theory and practice
  • Softkite handling
  • Special features snowkiting
  • Duration: app. 6 hours
  • November till March

    flexible schedule

Most snowkite courses take place on weekends and in the greater Vienna area or near Lake Neusiedl. We are very flexible when it comes to appointments and follow your schedule. The courses take place in suitable wind and weather conditions. We will inform you in good time before the course starts.

for the spontaneous

One-day basic course

This course is an introduction to the world of snow kiting. After a short theoretical part we get to know the kite material. Then the practical part begins. First you learn to steer and above all to control the kite, because this is crucial for the further steps.

As soon as you have the kite under control, further exercises follow to make it easier for you to move on your skis or snowboard.

The goal of the day is going the first meters with the kite. Until then you should be seized with the kite passion.

Snowkiter steht mit Schirm im Tiefschnee

dive deeper into the matter

Two-day basic course

First you will repeat a few exercises from day one. It usually doesn't take long, but we want to show you how to use the material safely and in a controlled manner. Then it goes into more detail. You will gain practical skills: safe driving, the first controlled changes of direction and free movement on the terrain (even against the wind direction) with the kite.

The goal for the second day is that you can move with the kite independently on the snow. Of course, this happens under the constant supervision of your trainer. 

The full range

3-day intensive course

This course is aimed at everyone who really wants to celebrate success. On the last day you will make the change of direction perfectly, blindly steer the kite and collect kilometers properly. There is also more to discover because you don't just have to stay in the snow while snow kiting. You can also take off and experience the first jumps. Don't you think? Probably, this is also possible. At this course you can already go on a tour. There are no limits.

Snow is just frozen Water

Water2Snow course

Are you kiting on the water and already have experience? Then the Water2Snow course is the right kite course for you.

We introduce you to the world of soft and foil kites and show you how to deal with them correctly. We also explain the special features and differences between water and snow. You probably throw in: 'Snow is just frozen water'. True, but there are differences.

After the introduction, we quickly come to the more exciting part: gliding over the snow with skis or snowboard. One thing is certain, because it is a unique and completely new feeling. In addition, you can bridge the cold season and quench your kite addiction.

Detailed information on snowkite courses in Austria

Through years of experience we are experts in the field of snow kiting. One can also say that snowkiting has been established in Austria through our work in recent years. You can find more information here.

You can also give our courses as a gift voucher. Give meaningful free time - give snowkiting! 

We have several spots for our courses to choose from. Depending on the snow conditions and wind direction, we can optimally choose the spot for your course.

Our snowkite spots are all in the vicinity of Vienna, so the journey is not too far. You will find the meeting point after you have registered and when we can estimate the forecasts so that we can choose the perfect spot for you.

Foil kites definitely make sense for snow kiting. If you do not own kites or do not have the right equipment, you are welcome to rent kites from us. 

Price: Kite + bar: € 35.- per hour

With 15 years of training experience, we rely on the highest quality for our snowkite courses. You will be introduced to this new sport step by step.

We also get support through radio training from BBTalking. So we can communicate with you and give you tips, even if you are further away.

Course dates: There will be fixed dates on weekends and public holidays. Flexible course design is possible by arrangement.

Requirements: Experience in handling skis or a snowboard. You do not have to meet any other specific requirements.

To take with you: Snowboard or ski including boots / ski boots, warm sporty clothing, helmet (if available), cap, gloves, ski goggles.

All prices include equipment (kite, bar and harness).

The quality of our courses, but also of the training material is important to us. We exclusively use equipment from Flysurfer for our snowkiting courses.

We often hear: 'But I can't snowboard'". Doesn't matter at all, because it is actually easier with skis. You can move more easily and use two edges.

If you want to have your own snowkiteboard, we can also help you. We have put all of our experience into developing our own snowkiteboards, which you are welcome to buy.

The complete equipment (kites, bar and harness) is included in the courses.

Giving is definitely a pleasure. And we believe that you shouldn't give unnecessary gifts. Give meaningfully invested leisure time - give snow kiting. Just contact us for a voucher. We will send you the voucher by email.