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We don't want good kite instructors! We want the best in our team. To guarantee this, we train you and work together on your skills. Many exciting ideas and projects are waiting for LakeUnited to start and only for doers like YOU.

The LakeUnited Academy is your start into a new adventure. After your education you will join us and learn new things all the time. You will be able to lead kitecamps in Kenya, experience snowkite adventures in Norway or make people happy as a kite coach on Lake Neusiedl. Sounds good?

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Good to know

You don't need to bring experience as a kite instructor with you. It is enough if you can kitesurf, want to get involved in the industry and search for a longterm cooperation . We work on your skills on the water and land alike and teach you everything it takes to be a sensational kite instructor.

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we provide all our knowledge and our competencieswhich we have achieved through our years of activity. We are also working a lot on your practical skills and prepare you for our courses, camps and journeys. 

We have developed a application process (Academy) which you need to pass. Get in touch with us and let's discuss the key points. 


Our goal is professional team members. And with the Academy we make you one. The rule is: “There is always something to learn”, be open to everything. You should not only work at LakeUnited, but also help to shape LakeUnited.
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    Once you have registered, we will contact you and discuss the next steps.

Contents of the LakeUnited Academy

There is so much and so much important content that we want to convey to you. In addition to the basics of kite lessons and the focus on details, we will also work together on your own kitesurfing skills. 

Furthermore, as part of the academy, we convey to you the values, goals and what really matters to us. You should also develop yourself personally and find your role in the team. 

"LakeUnited wird immer größer, darum benötigen wir Verstärkung auf dieser gemeinsamen Reise. Wenn du nach Veränderung suchst, Kiten liebst und du dich und andere Menschen glücklich machen möchtest, dann melde dich bei uns. Welcome on Board!"
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Questions about the LakeUnited Academy

Maybe these are exactly the questions you are asking yourself. We have summarized everything for you.

Very well, that is the right question. Why do you have to graduate from the Academy when you have the kite instructor training anyway? 

To be completely honest: this is not enough for us, because we work and think a little differently. Of course, the license is worthwhile and makes sense, but every now and then we have a little different approaches and try to think outside the box. We focus on a holistic approach and work meticulously down to the smallest detail. We are constantly questioning and rethinking our concept and have thus discovered ways that are probably not taught in a kite instructor training.

First of all, you need to get in tough us. Then we will contact you. 

You will then receive tasks from us that you can easily do from home. 

You then have to complete the mandatory workshop. This lasts 3 days. After the workshop is over, you will receive further training from us, you will go to camps and trips and can do your internship. 

Want more details? Get in touch with us.  

Again, this is an excellent question. We are looking for people for long-term cooperation where a lot is possible. Our top priority has always been: "If the team is doing well, LakeUnited is doing just as well!" 

In detail, this means doing a versatile job in beautiful places with interesting people. You get the opportunity to bring your own ideas, concepts and skills with you and to grow a little yourself. 

In the end It's also about money. We offer remuneration based on personal agreement. Here again refer to our sentence at the beginning -> 'If the team is doing well, LakeUnited is doing well!' 

Believe us, our training is not about making money.

However, we don't want to give away our knowledge for free, we don't know each other yet. But trust us, if everything fits, your money is invested insanely wisely and you have quickly put it back into your cash register. And: with this training you can do ANY kite instructor training with ease.

In addition to the costs for the training, you need to cover costs for travel and possibly the accommodation during the training. We provide the kite equipment. 

You don't have to be a professional beforehand, we'll make you one. 

You should be able to kite safely, go upwind and be incredibly enthusiastic about this sport. You will get the rest from us. 

We are pleased, but you still have to complete the Academy. Even after many years in this business, we are constantly developing. There is always something to learn.

If you are of the opinion that you can already do and know everything, there are certainly other kite schools waiting for you.