We have collected the most important questions and answers about our camps and courses for you. If you can't find what you are looking for here, or if you just don't feel like reading, please contact us directly.

General information about camps and courses

Yes, we look forward to it! Most of our kitecamps are suitable for beginners. As part of the camps, we offer kite courses and workshops with unlimited hours, including radio and video training. Our goal is to take you to the next level.
As an advanced kiter you have at least VDWS level 5. That means you can safely go up and downwind even in unfamiliar conditions. If you want to work on your jumps and tricks, or just want to kite, kite, kite, then you are definitely at the right place at one of our advanced kitecamps!

In principle, everyone from young to old can take part in one of our land kite courses.

Bring sporty clothing suitable for the weather, sturdy shoes, sun protection, sunglasses and, especially on warmer days, something to drink.

Anyone who has at least a little knowledge of skiing or snowboarding can take part in one of our snowkite courses.

Bring with you (ski) clothing suitable for the weather, your skis or a snowboard and of course the right shoes and ideally a helmet. You might also like to pack a thermos of tea in your backpack.

Booking of camps, courses and events

You can make a non-binding request for a LakeUnited camp at any time. With your request you let us know that you are interested in a particular kitecamp. We'll call you afterwards, chat about the details and answer your questions if you have any.
You haven't received a confirmation email? No problem, just give us a call or send us an email to info@lakeunited.com and we will check it out as soon as possible.
Yes, please :). If you cannot find the right option in the booking form, just give us a call or write an email to info@lakeunited.com.
There is no minimum number of participants in our kitecamps. The maximum size of the group varies and depends on the local conditions.
At most camps it is possible that people who do not kite or have children come join us. The best thing to do is to contact us by phone or email as soon as you know where you want to go, or you let us know when you send your request. We will then check the options for you.
After your request, we will contact you by phone and present you with the options for the camp you have requested. You will then receive an email in which all services and prices are clearly listed and you can read everything in peace.

Payment of camps, courses and events

After receiving your binding booking, you will receive the first partial invoice for 20 percent of the total amount by email. We ask you to make the transfer within seven days. Our bank details are listed in the lower part of the invoice. About three weeks before the start of the camp you will receive the final invoice for the remaining amount.

The course fee has to be paid after you have taken part in one of our kite courses.

For events, we usually charge a deposit of 20 percent when registering. The remaining amount is due 20 days before the start of the event.

As soon as we have received your booking, we will prepare all the necessary documents. Immediately afterwards you will receive the first partial invoice for 20 percent of the total amount by email. About three weeks before the start of the camp you will receive the final invoice with the remaining amount for the services you have booked.
No, we always issue two partial invoices. Please transfer the exact amount stated on your invoice to us.
Payment in installments or the settlement of an invoice in several installments is not possible for accounting reasons.
No, we have a 'no discount policy'.

Withdrawal, cancellation & insurance

Since we always strive for your complete satisfaction, Covid-19 must not be a problem either. If we are unable to hold a camp due to CoVid-19 or you are not allowed to arrive or enter due to general corona restrictions, you will receive the money back. This does not apply to cancellations due to quarantine requirements on return. In the event of cancellation due to illness, we have to refer to our terms & conditions (TCs) Regarding this or similar cases, we can offer you an appropriate insurance - just let us know.

After your binding booking, free cancellation is no longer possible. The cancellation conditions that you can find on our terms & conditions (TCs) page

up to 30 days before the start of the trip: 20%
from the 29th to the 22nd day before the start of the trip: 30%
from the 21st to the 15th day before the start of the journey: 50%
from the 14th to the 3rd day before the start of the trip: 75%
from the 2nd day before departure: 100%

Booked services can be cancelled via email to info@lakeunited.com .

As long as you let us know up to 24 hours before the start of the course, postponing your booked course date or canceling it is no problem.

If you cancel shortly (within 24 hours) before the start of the course, we have to charge the full amount.

Yes, because we think having the appropriate travel insurance is definitely a good idea. We would be happy to send you information with an overview of services, conditions and prices. We are also happy to clarify any questions over the phone.

Mit dem Versicherungs-Tool des Verbands Deutscher Wassersport Schulen (VDWS) bist du gegen Schäden am eigenen bzw. am Mietmaterial versichert. Uns hat das schon oft Stress erspart, weshalb wir dir das VDWS- Safety Tool definitiv empfehlen! Für einen geringen jährlichen Beitrag ist ausgeliehenes Wassersport-Equipment versichert.

Mehr Informationen dazu findest du directly on the VDWS website.

Kitecamps: travel & accomodation

We share our experiences regarding travel options and how other camp participants plan their travel in advance. You will then organize your journey independently. We also offer the possibility of a WhatsApp group for each camp, in which not only the anticipation but also information can be shared in advance. In any case, please let us know how and when you will arrive so that we can plan everything else.
No, we basically leave the organization of the travel to the kite camps to our camp participants. We are happy to help you with the planning and coordination. At some kitecamps, the transfer from the airport to the kite spot and back is included - you can find the relevant information in the offer.
Definitely! We are happy to support you with the coordination in advance. We also offer the possibility of a WhatsApp group for each camp, in which not only anticipation but also information can be shared in advance.
You are welcome to arrive at the spot earlier or stay longer, but you have to organize your accommodation yourself for this period. Let us know if you need hints on the options in the area.
The rooms or apartments are allocated in advance before the camp starts. We are happy to respond to your individual wishes.
Of course, you can book an alternative accommodation yourself and spend the nights there. Please let us know your plans with your request. Please also make sure that your accommodation is not too far from our camp or the kite spot.

Kitecamps: guiding, programme, coaching

The LakeUnited team is part of the kite camp and always on site. When guiding, we slip into the role of the tour guide, design the program, plan and organize meeting points, excursion destinations and everything to do with the camp. We make sure it's vacation.

You can contact the LakeUnited team on site at any time with any questions or requests. At some camps we have our own Feel Good Manager with us, who takes care of all your concerns and ensures that everything is relaxed.

Apart from the plan to spend as much time as possible on the water, our camp program consists of for example workshops, exploring the area, culinary highlights, shopping trips or other activities, which of course can be very different depending on the local conditions: Snorkeling in Greece, quad tours in Egypt, a visit to the fish market in Denmark, river floating in Kenya,... Of course, you don't have to be part of every activity and you can organize one or the other day just for you.
The arrival and departure days are primarily used for arriving, getting to know each other, unpacking or packing. There is no coaching on these days. You are welcome to explore the spot yourself with your own equipment. However, please reach out to us for useful information and a briefing about the area.
We adapt the timing of our kite camps as best as possible to the wind conditions at the respective spot. Of course, there can also be a lull at times. For days like this we plan a brilliant alternative program, hold workshops, go land kiting (this requires very little wind) or enjoy the time together. There is always something to do! But don't worry - we're basically pretty good with the wind god.

With empathy and a lot of fun, our highly trained kite instructors will pick you up right where you are. This applies to beginners as well as advanced. In our high-quality kite lessons, we clearly see our strength in empathy and in working on a personal level. In order to improve your skills on the water and on the kite, we use different methods:

We like to work with video analyzes - during your lesson we will accompany you with the camera and discuss the clips with a projector in the evening. This method has already proven itself several times! Since little things, that one sometimes doesn't notice, often make a big difference, we concentrate on the details. A few small changes can lead to the desired success and subsequently more fun and safety on the water.

Your kite instructor accompanies you on the water with BB Talking radio systems and can tell you in a second what to do. The method is not only great for beginners, but also for advanced kiters: with the perfect instructions via radio, new tricks can be achieved super quickly.

How flexibly additional coaching units can be booked on site depends on the kitecamp. As part of your request, please let us know that you might be interested in coaching and we will let you know which options we can offer you.

Kite equipment and rental packages

Kites in our equipment pool are from Duotone and Flysurfer. We always have both, tube kites and soft kites, i.e. foil and single skin kites, in all sizes with us.

Twintip kiteboards are from Woodboard and Flysurfer, directionals from Duotone and foil boards from Levitaz.

Olsen stellt dir sein Spielzeug vor – Überzeug dich selbst!

Grundsätzlich müssen unsere Material-Pakete im Vorfeld gebucht werden. Bei den meisten Camps ist das stundenweise Ausleihen von Material in begrenztem Rahmen gegen Gebühr möglich. Wir können in diesem Fall aber keine Garantie dafür übernehmen, dass für dich das passende Material verfügbar ist. Unser Tipp: Material-Paket buchen, sorgenfrei verreisen 🙂
With our full service package you always have the right kite for the current conditions and can test the different current kite models from Duotone and Flysurfer from our material pool. This of course also applies to kiteboards: Aside from twin tips, you can also try directionals and foilboards if the conditions at the spot allow it.

Our safeguard packages are there to increase your kite range, for even more time on the water.

The safeguard package includes kites for very weak or extremely strong winds: If the 12 is no longer large enough or the 9 is too big, you can take a suitable kite from our equipment pool.

The light wind safeguard includes kites for very weak winds: If the 12er is no longer sufficient for you, we have a larger kite in our pool for you.

The first things you buy as a kite surfer are a wetsuit and a harness. These are not included in the camp price. You can rent a harness from us for € 25 / week (please let us know in advance). Wetsuits can usually be rented directly at the kite spot.

If you want to buy a wetsuit or a harness in advance, we have a few tips for you:

When it comes to wetsuits, we prefer Pro Limit. How thick you wetsuit is, depends on the temperatures at which you will most often go kiting. If you get cold quickly, a wetsuit in 6/4 makes sense, you can also use it in winter. For moderate temperatures, a wetsuit in 5/4 or 5/3 makes sense. If we go to Kenya, consider a shorty. We are happy to help you with questions about buying wetsuits for certain camps.

With kitesurfing harnesses, it does not matter whether you use a seat or a waist harness, the main thing is that it feels good to you. In this blog, our team rider Alex has dealt with the topic in detail.