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The holy grail

Snowkiting in Norway


Are you ready for meters of snow, endless hills and crackling open fires in our own hut in the Norwegian mountains? Norway is really the holy grail of snow kiting. You won't find better conditions anywhere.

If you just return with our group from a 30 km long snow kite tour through the smooth powder landscape, then jump into the sauna in your own hut, cook together and end the evening with a glass of red wine in front of the crackling fireplace, then you know what we mean by 'the Magic of Norway'.

Mountain hut

Course dates

Travel dates

We offer fixed dates on which you can travel with us. You are also welcome to stay before and / or after our camp and plan further activities in the country.

01.03.2021 - 10.03.2021

12.03.2021 - 21.03.2021

05.04.2021 - 14.04.2021

Please make your booking well in advance as our kitecamps are in high demand. If there is no space left, we will be happy to put you on the waiting list or try to find an alternative solution so that you have the chance to go kiting, too.

Here we go to the snowkite paradise

Your request

Service overview


Our own hut in the Norwegian mountains. Double room with single beds incl. Ikea feeling, sauna and open fireplace. 

We cook together, so you too can conjure up your favorite dish.


Every day we take you to the best spots on the plateau and kite together through the powder landscape of Norway. You get a GPS tracker from us for additional security and to set records. Material rental is also possible as an option. 

Getting there

The destination airport is Oslo. We would be happy to send you an offer for the flight. We rent a bus and a car for the onward journey.
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Flight not included

Powder & endless landscapes 

Spot & wind

The “Hardanggervidda” plateau is approximately three hours away from Oslo. With its flat lakes and gentle hills / mountains it is the largest high plateau in Europe. In winter it is a huge playground for snow kiting. The Star Wars film "The Empire Strikes Back" was also shot there! With the kite you could then go all day in one direction without even having to turn around. Great right?

A road runs across the plateau, so we can drive directly to the spot, set up at the parking lot and go kiting. Very pleasant if you want to change the kite quickly or warm up in the car. It is also a neat plus in terms of safety, because if you want you can drive miles and still stay close to the road.

The weather changes relatively often due to the plateau's weather divide. But that's a good thing because we are always supplied with fresh powder. And you don't have to worry about the wind anyway. They are very local wind systems that we know perfectly after ten years of experience. We always find the wind!

The Ikea feel-good hut


Do you actually know what the Scandinavians call "HYGGE"? Either you google it now or you come with us, because then you definitely know it!

Our hut is on a lake and the mountains are just behind it. It is really super beautiful and the perfect mix between modern and traditional. For example, we have underfloor heating and a sauna where you can relax and recharge your batteries after an exhausting snowkite session.

On the ground floor there are two rooms with double beds and one room with a bunk bed. In the roof two more rustic rooms (the warehouse) with two single beds each. The rooms are allocated in the order of booking. That means: the earlier you book, the more options you have.

There is plenty to do



If the pass road is closed due to a storm, we drive to the nearby Geilo ski area. There wide carving slopes invite you to speedy rides. They are perfectly prepared until the evening. Almost no people will be expecting us on the slopes and the waiting time at the lift is zero.

Fjord excursion:

At the other end of Plateau Road, Norway's largest waterfall falls 120 meters into a mighty gorge. Of course we look at that from a skywalk that towers over the abyss. We're going to throw snowballs down and count the seconds. Then you go 1,500 meters further down to the spectacular Eidfjord. There you will have the feeling that a Viking ship could pass by at any time. Last year we even saw elections there. A spectacular experience!

Mini expedition:

From a Polar training center we will rent sledges with sleeping bags, gas stoves, expedition tents and a fire bowl. According to the forecast, we choose the best day of the week and camp in the middle of the snowy desert. The adventure begins with building an igloo and kiting until the sun goes down. In the evening we will sit around the campfire, tell stories and sparkle with the stars. This expedition is included in the camp price. 

Farewell dinner:

On the last evening we will have a final dinner with our friend Björn in his snowkite hotel. At the all-you-can-eat buffet you can fill your stomach for € 35.- because the food at Björn is really unique and is one of my top three.

  • Skiing
  • Fjord excursion
  • Mini expedition - 1 night in a tent on the plateau
  • Farewell dinner

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Detailed information on the Snowkitecamp in Norway

We have been traveling to Norway ourselves and with groups for years and are very familiar with both traveling to and in the country and snowkiting at various spots. 

We have briefly summarized all the useful information for you.

What does a day look like at the camp?

A certain routine always develops very quickly. The house wakes up at around eight o'clock - very slowly and without an alarm clock. There is stress elsewhere, but not with us.

First there is a decent breakfast with Norwegian strawberry jam (insider tip!) eggs, bacon and fresh fruit, because you need strength for the day. At ten o'clock we drive up to the plateau. 

With two cars we go to the spot with the best wind and snow conditions. We kite there all day long and usually take breaks near our car. Since we have two cars, we are very flexible. Often a group can get together and take a longer break and drive to a café at the pass and treat themselves to a coffee with insanely delicious waffles by the fireplace or an exorbitantly expensive € 10.- beer. But it tastes fantastic. 

At around 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. we will return to the hut. Then the sauna is turned on, we cook together and check photo and film material. We end the evening by the open fireplace with a large glass of red wine.

You get as much practice time in Norway as you do in Austria in four years. This will make you tremendous progress. Even we ourselves are always surprised how much one can learn there!

It definitely makes sense to use our kite material, because then you are always well equipped for all conditions. So if you do not have your own or not the appropriate equipment, you are welcome to rent it from us. Flysurfer specializes in foil kites and you can't go wrong with that. 

2x Flysurfer Peak: EUR 277.- for 10 days

2x Flysurfer Soul: EUR 399.- for 10 days

Snowkiteboard with stepin binding: Euros 99,- for 10 days


We offer the highest quality. Our many years of experience as snow kite instructors guarantee you quick learning success. Usually you have to set your goals again within this week - no, we are by no means overbearing. You get as many practice hours concentrated in one week as you do in Austria in several years. This will help you learn a lot. Kite handling is the be-all and end-all whether on the water or on the snow. That's exactly what you are going to perfect here in Norway.

You get amazingly good light wind skills and learn how to loop up the mountain. You will also practice your kite relaunch and become a better kiter in general. 

We have heard the sentence many times: 'I no longer need training'. However, we see every little mistake and can correct it. We also believe that there is always something to learn.

Our house is located in the mountains between the ski resort Geilo and Haugastol.

You can expect a lovingly furnished Norwegian hut with underfloor heating, an open fireplace, a sauna and a fantastic view of the mountains.

There are two double rooms and three rooms with two single beds each. The rooms on the ground floor are very popular and are allocated in the order of booking. This means that whoever registers first can still choose from all rooms.

We dedicate € 100.- budget per person for food. We have eaten very well for this amount in recent years, because shopping for the group makes it cheaper. As an individual, the budget would be used up in three days. We always cook together in the evening and end the day comfortably in front of the fireplace.

Once we will have pizza in Geilo (approx. € 20, -) and on the last evening (Saturday) there will be a final dinner in the snowkit hotel (approx. € 35, -). 

Together we fly with Austrian Airlines directly from Vienna to Oslo. Of course you can also arrive from another airport. We will then send you the exact flight times. 

If you choose the Economy Classic tariff at Austrian, the ski luggage is included free of charge. Then you can take 8kg hand luggage, 23kg normal luggage and 23kg ski luggage. Sometimes one or the other kite slips into our ski luggage. 

Flight cost: app. € 200.-

Money: You don't need to change money in advance. We always withdraw money directly at the airport in Oslo, because you get the best exchange rate. In general, you can pay almost anything up there in Norway with your credit card. Even in the smallest café in the middle of nowhere.

Internet: Norway is in the EU roaming zone. That means you can use your mobile internet as normal and consume your free units.

We would be happy to send you an offer for cancellation and / or travel insurance. 

How can we help you?

Just give us a call or send us a message. We're glad to hear from you!

+43 676 676 96 92