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Adventure at lake neusiedl

Downwind Tour at Lake Neusiedl

Kitesurfer surft über den Neusiedlersee

It is definitely an Adventure and it feels as if all the lake is yours. At our LakeUnited Downwind Tour you can really enjoy your kite session. Above all, you have one thing: enough space. But there is also a motivated group and experienced guides.

Together we go on a tour across Lake Neusiedl, collect a lot of kilometers and kite from one flat water lagoon to the next. There is a lot to discover and we will show you the best spots!

We organize and plan our tour according to the wind conditions and ensure a safe tour including return transport.

With the right wind conditions, there is nothing better than an extensive kite tour on Lake Neusiedl. We'll even show you the really secret bays. The LakeUnited Downwinder is always an adventure and it's worth it, we promise!

Luftaufnahme vom Neusiedlersee mit Schilfgürtel

Kiting Downwind - Discover Lake Neusiedl



Good to know


There are unique spots to discover with the kite. Together we kite across Lake Neusiedl and, depending on the wind direction, lead you to beautiful bays. 

Kitesurfing in flat water with endless space.


We organize, plan and accompany the downwind trip and the return transport. At the beginning we will inform you about the procedure, the rules of conduct and the tour to ensure a safe trip. We accompany the group on the water with our own kites.

Good to know

Der Downwindtrip eignet sich für erfahrene Kitesurfer. Dies bedeutet: sicheres Starten und Landen und sicheres Kitesurfen sind Pflicht. Insgesamt musst du schon einen halben Tag für die Veranstaltung einplanen, dies natürlich exklusive dem gemütlichen Ausklang. 

Downwind Tour Lake Neusiedl from

€ 99,-

exkl. Equipment

If you want to rent kitesurf equipment just let us know. We have the right kite in the right size for your perfect downwind trip. 

Downwindtrip at Lake Neusiedl

Downwind Kite Tour

We plan our downwind trips according to wind and weather. You can register here and we will inform you in good time.

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Downwinder Neusiedlersee

Information downwind tour

Here we have summarized everything of the lake tour that is important for you. 

To take part in the LakeUnited Downwinder, you should be an experienced kitesurfer. At least level 5 according to VDWS is mandatory. You should also be able to swim for at least 30 minutes. We recommend a helmet and a buoyancy vest for the trip.

We accompany the downwinder with our own kites, guide the trip and ensure sufficient safety. We stand by the water to help. Should there be an "emergency" that we cannot resolve at the moment, we of course have a cell phone with us to organize help.

The return transport is not included in the price. We either organize car pooling back or we take the ferry.

Own equipment: Please check your equipment before you take part in a downwind trip:

  • what is the condition of the bar (e.g .: linecheck, quick release, ...) ?
  • does my kite keep air or does it have cracks / holes?
  • are the screws on the board tightened?

Equipment rental: You are welcome to rent equipment for the downwind trip from us. Just let us know in advance and we will reserve the right material for you.

Course dates: We plan the LakeUnited Downwinder according to wind and weather. Thus, the trips are advertised and organized under suitable conditions. Just register here and we'll keep you up to date. 

Meeting point: Depending on the wind direction, we have different meeting points. After you have registered, we will contact you and inform you about it.

Since we always hold our downwinders depending on the wind and weather, you do not have to pay here immediately after registering. 

If you take part in a downwind trip, we will send you an invoice for transfer. 

Entrance at lake neusiedl: To get to the beach by the lake you need an entrance ticket at all spots. This is not included in our course price. 

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