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Kitecamp for the deaf in Denmark

This kitecamp in Denmark is aimed at the deaf who want to learn kitesurfing or who want to improve their skills on the water. And of course to everyone who wants to have a good time with other deaf kitesurfers. 

During this week, both deaf and hearing kite instructors will accompany you so that you can make as much progress as possible. 

Denmark is varied and versatile. This applies to both the land and the water. The Rinkobing Fjord offers you flat and shallow water, on the coast you will find waves that are also suitable for wave kitesurf beginners. 

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Kite courses including equipment and video training for beginners and advanced kiters. 

A deaf kite instructor, two interpreters and two kite instructors ensure your progress. 


We recommend the full service package including equipment and coaching.

Leave us a request and we will send you all the information about the packages. 


A large house in a perfect location, close to all kite spots.

We live together in one of the most beautiful houses around Hvide Sande.

coaching, equipment and accommodation from

€ 1.490,-

excl. travel costs

  • Date still open

    Kitecamp für Gehörlose und Hörende

You can contact us any time and we will send you all the important information you have to know. Just contact us and we will send you news and updates, if the date isn`t the right one for you. We`ll find a solution for almost everything.

Flat water, standing area or wave? Yes, please!

Spot & wind

Why did we fall so in love with this place? Quite simply - perfect conditions for kiting are offered here! On the North Sea side, Hvide Sande, translated "Weißer Sand ”, lives up to its name: An almost endlessly long sandy beach with clean waves invites you as a beginner to gain your first sense of achievement.

On the other side, at Ringkøbing Fjord, you can expect a knee-deep shallow water spot. Perfect for all skill levels and all needs!

Luck and good wind conditions

There is plenty of wind in Denmark! Mostly it comes from the west, but that doesn't really matter, because the location is characterized by its versatility - there is a perfect kite spot for every wind direction.

You live hygge


Try coziness

When it comes to accommodation for our Danish kite camps, we just hit the bull's eye - because we rented the fanciest house in the area! 7 double rooms, 2 with a double bed and 5 with single beds, ensure that we can all live comfortably together. Very centrally located, it is only a few minutes to the kite spots or to town to go shopping or strolling.

When it comes to the equipment of our spacious apartment house, nothing is left to be desired: After a day full of exciting kite moments, the Danish sauna, the swimming pool and the crackling fireplace invite you to relax in the evening. And already you feel like a real Dane - uniquely hygge!

fun even for non-kiters


We offer plenty of additional activities for non-kiters and kite-lazy people. Or simply as an alternative if the sore muscles are too intense or if there is a lull after all. 

Kitecamp for the deaf in Denmark - Detailed information

We have been traveling to Denmark ourselves and with groups for years and are very familiar with both traveling to and in the country and kiting at the spot.

We have briefly summarized all the useful information for you.

A kitecamp for the deaf. Are you curious? 

LakeUnited has held kite camps in Denmark in recent years and they were very well received by all participants. This gave rise to the idea of ​​organizing a kitecamp especially for the deaf.

Regardless of whether you already have kitesurfing experience or have never practiced this sport before. You are welcome to refresh your knowledge with us.

In short: Everyone is welcome to be there. 

You will be taught by Florian Gravogl as a deaf kite instructor and two additional kite instructors.  

Kiting in Denmark is so wonderfully versatile. The spots are all very close to each other and can therefore be reached quickly by car. We will choose the optimal spot for our kite sessions depending on the wind direction and wind forecast.

Of course we take your preferences into account. The Rinkobing Fjord is ideal for beginners or beginners. With its shallow water depth and standing area, you will find optimal conditions. But even for freestylers, the Ringkobing Fjord offers something special - namely flat water deluxe.

If you want to try yourself in small waves, the long and wide sandy beach of Hvide Sande on the North Sea offers the finest conditions. With a side on shore wind you can easily approach the waves.

Denmark offers the perfect place for all skill levels - and we will help you choose the right spot.

In addition, we are very flexible, we also take you with us if you no longer need kite lessons. In this respect: we will find the right solution for everything.

LakeUnited's events are always educational. Because our goal is that you can take as much as possible with you.

We place great value on practice and can now look back on more than 15 years of training experience in kitesurfing. Nevertheless, we are constantly evolving by continuously revising our concepts. After all, there is not just one way, because everyone learns differently and needs different inputs. In addition, one or the other may already have made mistakes that need to be specifically corrected.

We use different approaches to improve your skills on the water and on the kite. We will hold several workshops and also offer video analyzes - if everything goes well, even with a projector in the evening. This has already proven itself many times! Because we love detailed work, we can draw your attention to little things that others don't even see. Often, just a few small changes lead to the desired success and you enjoy more fun and safety on the water.

In our high-quality kite lessons, we clearly see our strength in empathy and in working on a personal level. With empathy and a lot of fun, we will pick you up right where you are. This applies to beginners as well as professionals, after all, we have already trained some kite instructors in our academy.

Yes, kitesurfing is strength training! So that you don't just build up your muscles while towing your kite and otherwise sit around waiting for better wind, we offer you our equipment for rent. Whether land or water kite, a lot or little wind - we always have the right equipment for you! So you travel much more carefree, use new kites from top brands such as Flysurfer and Duotone and have more time on the water overall.

In Denmark we all live together in a spacious house. Living in Denmark is unique, simply hygge.

There are a total of 6 double rooms in our apartment house. The beds can also be converted into single beds. We have rented the most beautiful house for Denmark - a swimming pool and a sauna, as well as the fireplace, make the evenings after the kite session cozy and relaxed.

If you are looking for a little more action, feel free to challenge us in table tennis or billiards. In addition, we will also play bartenders, because if you already have your own bar counter, then you should also use it.

The area is of course flat and with a beautiful view. A grill on the large terrace is ready for one or two BBQ sessions.

Bei diesem Kitecamp legt jeder EUR 100,- in eine Kassa. Wir haben keinen Koch, sondern werden gemeinsam für unser Abendessen sorgen. Somit kannst du auch mal dein Lieblingsgericht auf den Tisch zaubern.

For breakfast we will serve cereals, eggs and other variations. Food is a little more expensive in Denmark - not to mention alcoholic beverages.

If you feel hungry at lunchtime, you can treat yourself to the delicious local fish sandwiches. One definitely needs to try these. Expert tip: no Matjees fillet before the kite session. 

Arrival by own car: offers some advantages, of course, because you no longer need a rental car on site. Simply enter Hvide Sande as the destination in your navigation system and you can hardly miss the place. 

Arrival by plane: destination airport is "Billund". Most of our participants fly with Lufthansa with a stopover in Frankfurt to Billund. From there you need an additional 1 1/2 hours to get to our apartment by rental car. 

We would be happy to send you an offer for your arrival from our cooperation partner.  

Flight cost: app. 200 – 400 Euro

If you are not traveling with your own car, we strongly recommend a rental car. We are happy to make you an offer and of course connect you with other participants so that you can share the rental car. 

Money: In Denmark, payment is made with Danish kroner (DKK). However, card payment (ATM and / or credit card) is easily possible anywhere and even desirable. 

Passport: You need a valid passport or identity card for the duration of your stay. 

Travel insurance: We would be happy to send you an offer for cancellation and / or travel insurance. 

Travelling by car: no problem, but don't forget to switch on the light even during the day. Incidentally, the police are always on the move in civilian clothes and are therefore somewhat difficult to identify. 

Hygge: one hears again and again when it comes to Denmark. Hygge is "wellbeing" and can be used for pretty much anything. So our kite vacation is pretty hygge - we'll be happy to show you what it really means.