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About us

It is these moments that make our lives worth living – with time as the most valuable asset. By the way, a bottle of Zirben (Swiss pine) schnapps can have a positive impact on the future - at least that is how it feels. This means "LakeUnited" and not the day after the empty bottle of schnapps. Since that evening, we, Olsen and Patrick, have decided to share our experience, skills and expertise in the kite scene and to found LakeUnited.

The endless freedom of kitesurfing, enjoying time together in a community. Spend life on the beach and be there with real passion. All of this is LakeUnited for us.

We focus on our competencies and organize kitecamps, workshops on selected topics and events in the field of kitesurfing at a high level. Our goal: to connect people, help to achieve progress, create new perspectives and unique moments.

Olsen und Patrick am Strand


“We like to think outside the box and try to do things differently. Very on a personal level. You are not only a booking number with us, but a real person and we know who is behind it. Kitesurfing in all facets is our passion, it gives us a certain feeling which we are happy to pass on. Change something sustainably and create something new in the kitesurfing industry. This our goal. "


“LakeUnited just feels perfectly right. It is the perfect combination of passion, nature and the social relationships that come together through kitesurfing. Spending a wonderful time with legendary people and creating moments for eternity, even reaching new perspectives. Team members and customers become real friends, who can say that about his job? "

Vicky - Chief of first contact

"If I can do something really well, it is daydreaming. So don't be offended when I'm absent for a moment. I'm not good at waiting for certain things. At LakeUnited I like the positive vibes in combination with kitesurfing. 

My LakeUnited moment is and will always be enjoying the sunset with friends at Lake Neusiedl after a great day of kiting. For me LakeUnited is community, beach, sports, water, travel and collecting moments. I like the positive attitude at LakeUnited, the good ideas and everything else. 

I would love to go on a trip around the world, and I would also like to be able to hydrofoil and wave kite. Describe me? Creative, adventurous and addicted to travel."

Florian - 1st Deaf Kite Instructor

“I'm pretty good at finding solutions when the hat is on fire. However, I can't say "no" very well. For me, LakeUnited is kiting, traveling, "hygge" and family. My LakeUnited moment was when I was asked if I wanted to work on the very first kitecamp for the deaf. 

The wonderful thing about this team is the professional training, combined with trips for all skill levels. Apart from that, new things are always tried out. If I really have to describe myself, I am patient, empathetic and funny. At some point I want to see the northern lights and do kite & sail in the Caribbean. Everything is possible at LakeUnited, I am looking forward to the next joint projects." 

Vanessa - die gute Seele

“Heylo - I can pack suitcases for travel very well, but I'm not so good at packing them for the trip home. I describe LakeUnited with individuality, competence, personality and community. 

My LakeUnited moment was in a small, fine house in Denmark with a bonfire, a good book, red wine, Olsen's Hygge playlist and candlelight. For me, LakeUnited is family and travel in one word. Speaking of family and little house, it would be cool if I would live with my husband and my children in a house by the lake or in the forest. 

At LakeUnited you immediately have the feeling of being special. You immediately feel welcome. You are not 0815 booking number - but treated as a real person."


Kathi - fashion & accessories

"When asked so quickly, I'm damn good at making the perfect salads. But I can't remember choreographies. For me, LakeUnited is community, knowledge, patience and adventure. 

My LakeUnited moment was in Mauritius. When, after a pool party and a very short night, we swam for the first time with wild dolphins in the sea. This special feeling of experiencing something new together and discovering nature is simply indescribably beautiful. By the way, I would like to become a human and animal rights fighter and an environmentalist in one. 

For me, LakeUnited is like a family that is not afraid of new tasks and never loses focus. Three words that describe me? Hair, salty food and hard rock music. I would like to add one more thing - Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu."

Alex - Kitecoach

“Admittedly, I like to wait for wind, but I'm somehow not good at it. When I think of LakeUnited, things like new friendships, adventures and lots of kiting come to mind. 

I had my LakeUnited moment in Norway after snow kiting. Off to the sauna and then in the fresh powder snow. Although I would actually like to live by the sea, snow kiting in Norway has impressed me enormously. 

I like the community idea at LakeUnited. Kiting together instead of kiting alone: 'Gemeinsam statt einsam' - I'm always happy about this pun. Just 3 words that describe me? Relaxed, music and foiling."

Viky - legal advice

“One of my major weaknesses is: listing what I am particularly good at. But I can laugh with people, do things and be right. Think this is it. 

My LakeUnited moment was in Kenya having breakfast next to the pool. Sun is shining and you can see that after a few days really good friendships are made and everyone enjoys the moment. 

There is so much more to it: at LakeUnited you develop on many levels and you always have the feeling that you are valued as you are. You immediately feel comfortable! 3 words? Clearly: skachi wodki njet!"


Marietta - interpreter

“If the situation demands it, I can party very well. but I am not patient and I don’t like to give in at all. If I am to describe LakeUnited, it should be funny, professional, open-hearted and curious. 

My LakeUnited moment was at the deaf camp when on the third day ALL people came home with that sparkle in their eyes and you got the feeling that there is no greater happiness. For me, LakeUnited also means being able to be who you are. 

At some point I would like to be able to differentiate between left and right and windward and lee. I am stable in opinion, loyal and honest and somehow see it as a great gift to be part of THIS. ”


Anna - interpreter

“I can laugh well, I am good at baking and enjoying as well. But I am not at all patient. When I think of LakeUnited, I have fun - on the water, adventure, kite surfing and a great team. 

My LakeUnited moment is always when the sun shines on the water, the colorful kites go up in the air and the mood screams for motivation and fun. For me, LakeUnited simply means a wonderful and competent team. 

I like the openness to new projects, the offer and the tireless efforts to create a great kite experience for everyone. I want to continue to be so happy and if you ask me I am warm, funny and loyal. 

Penelope - Social Media

“It's really hard for me to stay serious. But I can tear up a scorn in a stupid situation. For me, LakeUnited means cohesion, it doesn't matter who or where.

My moment was the moped tour on the coast in Greece, though - there are so many moments. Getting the most out of a vacation but also getting to know new people is something I really appreciate about LakeUnited. 

I am primarily concerned with being happy. Having your own wakeboard system would help a lot. Describe me? Communicative, open and motivated. 

Merlin - the photographer

“I can travel really well. I don't really like Microsoft Excel for that. I describe LakeUnited as honest, loyal, adventure and community.

My LakeUnited moment was in Mauritius in the morning. Everyone is swimming WITH the dolphins, everyone but me, I just swam away from them - the open sea is somehow not my favorite place. LakeUnited means freedom to me, so I can swim in the other direction. 

I definitely want to travel around the world by bus when I have a driver's license, or by bicycle and with my camera. At LakeUnited I think it's perfect that everyone has a place and no, I don't like to describe myself."  


Christina Oehler - web & SEO

"Well, I can organize and coordinate damn well, but it is not so easy for me to say "no". When I grow up? Funny question - then I want to have been young for a very long time. 

My LakeUnited moment is with friends around me, a Spritzer (sparkling wine) in my hand and watching the sun go down behind the lake. LakeUnited means movement for me. Also in the sense of sport, but mainly in the sense of an attitude towards sport, friends and people who also want to become friends. 

I like the 'we think things differently' mindset at LakeUnited. At some point I want a donkey standing under the fig tree in my own garden. ”