Unique moments - new perspectives - progress

We are LakeUnited

It's moments that make our lives worth living - time as the most valuable asset. By the way, time together and a bottle of pine schnapps can have a positive impact on the future. At least they did on ours, on that legendary evening when Olsen and Patrick decided to pool all their experience, skills and expertise in the kite scene and to found LakeUnited.

Together we burn for our project. The infinite freedom of kitesurfing, enjoying time together in a community, spending life on the beach and being passionate about it. For us, all of this is LakeUnited.

We focus on our competencies and organize kite trips, kite camps, courses and workshops in the kite area and on selected topics at a high level.

To create unique moments and thus enable people to gain new perspectives and progress. This is the LakeUnited Vision.


Founder and judge of character
Luckily Patrick dropped out of his sociology studies at the very end, otherwise he would be saving relationships today with marriage counseling or roaming the dark streets of Vienna as a street worker. Instead, he founded LakeUnited, makes people happy and shows that there is another way. Patrick understands people and creates a pleasant atmosphere with his balanced and empathetic nature.


Founder and creative master
Olsen is the Bob Ross of kitesurfing. Not because he has curly hair, but because he lives his passion just as intensively and noticeably. Olsen was more or less born attached to a kite bar, which affects his kite skills. A luminary on the water, he draws his lines as smoothly in the waves as Bob Ross draws his brush on the canvas. Olsen is as organized at his job as a basketball team in the playoffs! Openness, honesty, team spirit, a good dose of Michael Mittermeier humor and a full backpack of "good humor" make Olsen so special.


Kite dictionary with energy boost
Domi has kite knowledge that puts all of Wikipedia to shame. Test Domi and ask him how much a Duotone Evo 12 weighs compared to last year - you will be surprised! He's interested in the smallest of details, and once he starts asking questions, he won't stop. He shares his knowledge with enthusiasm and always knows which kite and board is best for which person. With a great deal of humor and a lot of energy, he makes every camp day something special.


Feel good manager
Not only does Vicky bring a huge amount of humor to the team, she also listens calmly and with interest to anyone who needs it. It provides a feeling of security and importance and also a laugh or two (sometimes loudly, sometimes secretly and quietly). Always with the big goal in mind that everyone is doing well, because that's exactly when she feels most comfortable. It is self-explanatory why she is the perfect "Feel Good Manager" for LakeUnited.


Kite coach and legal expert
Viky is our legal expert and kite coach in one. Both as a colleague and as a coach, she has an open ear for everyone and always has good advice ready (not only when it comes to kiting). It's really nice to see how she can motivate everyone around with her bright personality in a very short time. If you don't see Viky on the water with her favorite kite (Ozone Enduro 10), then it's either on the guitar or she's feverishly trying to get the attention of the - this time really - cutest dog in the world.


Adventurer and honorary team member
Kathi is a thirst for adventure personified, with a lot of curiosity and tons of ants in her pants. She combines great organizational talent with great kite skills. Kathis is actually a teacher but she has plunged into deep gorges or explored unknown terrain beforehand for one or the other LakeUnited Camp. She rises to every challenge, makes you the best breakfast when travelling, always has snacks with her and the best tips ready.


Power woman and honorary team member
Vanessa not only helped to found LakeUnited, but also brings life to the world. As a midwife, she helps with childbirth and still has enough energy left over to be the joker for everything at LakeUnited. Rarely is there a person like Vanessa, who handles so many things simultaneously and at the same time goes through life with so much joy and ease. A true power woman... and a trained private detective.


Social media magician and prankster
Penny is the social media magician at Lake United. Her nimble fingers on the screen she opens up her bottomless creative pit to conjure story after story into the world. You usually have to look for Penny in the middle of a group, because as a good mood magnet she has magical attraction. It's best to hold on to your stomach as a precaution, the next joke is sure to come. It's a fact that anyone who goes on a trip with Penny would like to join her on the next one - seated right next to her in the last row on the bus.


Kite pioneer and first deaf kiteoach in Europe
Florian is a passionate kitesurfer with many years of experience under his belt. He loves to share his passion, which is why he also became a kitesurfing instructor. He has a lot of patience, takes his time with his students and explains them the theoretical aspects of kitesurfing, including the differences between different kites. Out of the water he is a devoted father of two girls who enjoys telling funny stories from his life and teasing people.


Kite coach with a special sense of humour
Wu is an outrageously likeable guy who, with short hair, would look like Dewey from Malcolm In The Middle. He is characterized above all by his calm, funny nature, with which he gets everyone on board. His ironic, sometimes quite fatalistic humor brings great lightness into the round. It's easy to listen to Wu telling stories. His unique selling point is a very special standing dance: facial expression extremely bored, hips forward, arms limp - and then: left, right, left, left; right, left, right, right - Looks funny and feels incredibly good!


Deaf kite coach with power endurance
Marie is from the Netherlands. She can stay on the water for hours and kites a few more hours when the sea gives her some really nice waves. When she's not cruising on the water, she likes to kick box, go for a run or cook delicious burgers for her friends (thanks Marie :D). Marie is helpful, very persistent and incredibly motivating, because there is no "I can't anymore" with her. When she signs in French Sign Language, you can watch her for hours!


Kite coach and mindfulness trainer
Johannes Diggi (Dickemann) is a jack of all trades. Mindfulness trainer, mental coach, arborist, kite instructor - Diggi is pure competence, combined in one of the warmest people ever. You feel good around him and you're constantly learning - about yourself, about others, the world in general and of course kiting. After his yoga or relaxation sessions, he takes him out onto the water, where he calmly introduces everyone to kiting. In between he shoots himself almost to the moon, at the end there's a big hug and that's it - Diggi is a person you don't want to be without once you've met him!


Kite engineer and master foiler
Do you know why some boards let you ride earlier due to the Venturi effect? No? But Alex does! He is a Swiss army knife of kite disciplines and absorbs knowledge like a sponge. Ask him why a kite flies! Sit down and don't plan anything for the next 30 minutes ;-). By the way, Alex is also the best foiler in our team.


Kite coach and nickname queen
With her extremely contagious laugh, Caro takes you to your heart in no time. If she doesn't use the wind for kitesurfing, then for paragliding... The main thing is to be outside and with a 'little bit' of power. Caro teaches kiting with a lot of zeal, patience, calmness and a well-dosed breeze of humour. When you hear loud laughter by the water, you know Caro's group isn't far. By the way, she is also a master at giving nicknames.


Kite coach and multisport talent
Daniel, our chosen Brazilian in the team, has a very calm and incredibly empathetic way of explaining things and responding to his students, so that you not only understand the problem and the appropriate solution straight away, you also have the feeling that you really is understood. In addition to his cool moves on the kite, he regularly causes his teammates to despair at the chessboard and table tennis table. We're still looking (with a magnifying glass) for a discipline where Daniel doesn't emerge as the winner. And according to his mother, he can cook too...


Kite coach and permanent kiter
Markus has been a kiter from the very beginning and has perfected the work-life balance. He sells mobile homes at trade fairs for just a few weeks a year and the rest of the time he travels the world with his camper and kites more than anyone else in our team. He's always the last to leave the water, he's so in love with the sport. He drives accordingly well, a luminary on the water and also on the snow!


Designer with flair
Someone can quickly do the graphics; someone can be reliable too. A combination of both properties is only found very, very rarely and luckily we found Pia. As our personal graphic designer, she works magic in front of the computer and ensures that everything fits together, from the flyer to the logo. Pia also kites herself and therefore knows exactly what looks good in the kite cosmos.


Website hacker
Chris is our IT specialist and a master in front of the computer. Special Skill: She's incredibly fast and we love that. You often text her at 10:10 p.m. with an idea for the next few days, but just 10 minutes later you get: "Done :)" She has been kiting herself for many years and also moved to Lake Neusiedl out of love for kiting. Quote Domi: "She is the best hacker I know!"


Capturer of moments
Merlin has a big heart and long legs. She's the Mamarazzi of LakeUnited and you always get a picture of her. There is no better travel buddy like her and if you go to a bar with her, you should definitely take the next day off.


Knowledge miracle with excess energy
Our bundle of energy in the team and the man who has everything. He is helpful and prepared for every situation - (yes, even the emergency tampon as a lighter is always with him). When he teaches you, Wolfi impresses with his incredible knowledge of every little detail. He knows everything and if he doesn't know something, he will find out for you. With his calm, secure and structured manner, he picks you up from where you are and takes you to the next level.