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Kitesurfing in Salzkammergut

Foil camp - Kitesurfing at Lake Traun

Alex auf dem Foil mit Felsen im Hintergrund

"Griaßdi" to our foil camp in the Salzkammergut at Lake Traun. A travel catalog would describe the lake there with the words: "Austria's Caribbean". Crystal clear, deep water surrounded by impressive mountains and constant winds. 

Perfect for kitesurfing, especially for learning to foil. Moderate thermal winds, particularly steady.  

The general conditions at the Lake Traun in combination with our equipment make it easy to get started and progress with foiling. Well, it couldn't be easier. 

With material from Flysurfer and a large selection of foils from Levitaz you are optimally taken care of at this foil camp at Lake Traun. 

Can you yodel or float? You will do both, trust us.

Drei Personen Foilen im Traunsee

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Foil camp



Foil camp

During these four days at Lake Traun, its all about hydrofoiling. The camp is suitable for complete Foil-Anfänger und -Aufsteiger or kiters who want to improve their foil skills consistently.


Equipped with the best boards from Levitaz and kites from Flysurfer, we will help you to progress quickly.

You just have to bring your wetsuit and your harness.


Our Foil Camp mainly takes place at Lake Traun, surrounded by a fantastic scenery. With its water depth and the constant thermal winds, the lake in the Salzkammergut is the top spot for kitesurfing and foiling.

Foiling course including equipment

ab € 720,-

excluding accommodation

  • Termine noch offen

    Entry and intermediate camp

Further dates may follow. Send us a non-binding request and we will inform you as soon as a new date is fixed.

You can contact us any time and we will send you all the important information you have to know. Just contact us and we will send you news and updates, if the date isn`t the right one for you. We`ll find a solution for almost everything.

the LakeUnited foil camp

Coaching and rental foil camp

As you float over the clear water between the high mountains on Lake Traun, it gets quiet and you have a moment completely for yourself - then you know, why foiling at Lake Traun is so unique. 

We have a boat in use for our camp so that we can practice undisturbed. Using radio helmets and video analysis, we will bring you to your destination. The first few meters, safe foiling, the first jibe or turn. The training depends entirely on your level.

You are provided with our equipment from Levitaz and Flysurfer for the duration of the camp. We can adapt the material to the current conditions, so you simply spend more time on the water. 

Around the lake traun

Accommodation in Salzkammergut

We recommend an overnight stay near the spot. This way we can make the most of the day and spend the evenings together. 

If you want to stay overnight nearby, we will be happy to help you with the booking. 

Information on the foil camp at Lake Traun

Here we have summarized everything of the lake tour that is important for you. 

Das LakeUnited Foilcamp richtet sich nicht an Anfänger. Wir empfehlen mindestens ein Level 5 (laut VDWS). 

Kites and Foil is included. Bring your own wetsuit and harness. 

We recommend a 5mm wetsuit, neoprene shoes and a beany. 

You will be optimally equipped by us with suitable kites and foilboards.

We provide you with kites from Flysurfer - Peak and Soul - in all imaginable sizes. Boards and foils are from Levitaz - in our opinion there is no better kitefoil.

You just have to bring your wetsuit and your harness.

After registration, we will send you an invoice for a deposit of 20% of the total price. The remaining payment is made shortly before the start of the trip. 

Please also check our general terms and conditions.