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Directionals, die du von uns mieten kannst, sind von den gängigsten Marken. Wir verwenden sie auch bei unseren Kursen oder Camps. Welches du genau bekommst, besprechen wir gemeinsam. Das hängt vom Revier, deinem Kitestil, deinen Zielen und natürlich deiner Körpergröße ab.

Unsere Directionals kommen natürlich mit Finnen und auf Wunsch auch mit Fußschlaufen.

Kiteboard Miete – Directional/Waveboard

Warum kaufen, wenn du auch mieten kannst? Wir leihen dir eines unserer Directionals.

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LakeUnited equipment rental

Step 1: Order your rental package

You order your desired equipment in our online shop. We offer you advice regarding sizes and type of equipment.

Step 2: We contact you regarding details

We contact you to discuss when and where exactly you want to use our equipment or any open questions.

Step 3: You receive the equipment

You receive the rental equipment directly at your front door including a return label.

Step 4: Well-equipped into your holidays

No matter, where you holiday destination is, enjoy your sessions with up to date equipment that suits your needs.

Step 5: You send the equipment back to us

stress-free, you put the equipment back in its box and send it back to us without any extra charge.

Who needs to own everything? Your very own kite material often waits for you at home in the basement or, as with us, partly in the warehouse. So we want to share – Sharing is caring!

With the LakeUnited equipment rental you can choose the equipment that suits you, Plus, you always have the latest equipment in very good condition with you. No nasty surprises on site, you are independent of opening hours and have maximum flexibility when it comes to choosing a spot.

No matter what you need, we will send you everything in good time before departure, including a return label, right to your front door. After your holiday, you simply pack everything back into the box without stress and send it back to us free of charge. Easy!

What you might be wondering about LakeUnited equipment rental...

You will definitely save yourself nerves and possibly money. You travel as if you had your own suitable material with you and are not dependent on local availability (if there is any at all).

The material you receive from us is in the best condition and is guaranteed to give you pleasure.

Your equipment is quickly packed by us and on its way to our shipping service provider the next day at the latest. How long it ultimately takes before you can accept the material depends mainly on where we send the material to.

When shipping to Austria or Germany, it is best to calculate with 2-3 working days.

In extremely urgent cases, we also send by express delivery. Please contact us directly if there is a fire. Then we can see together how you can best get your rental equipment.

We ship wherever you like ;)

We could even send your rental equipment to your holiday destination - as long as our shipping service provider delivers there and, importantly: you can also hand the material over to him again.

Here you can find the shipping zones that we deliver to with GLS.

As soon as you have a rental package in your shopping cart and enter your desired delivery address, the corresponding shipping costs will be displayed.

After our phone call we pack your rental package so that it will be in time at the desired location and forward it to our shipping partner. You will receive the GLS tracking codeso that you can track the package until your front door.

With the package you receive a return labelwhich enables you to return the equipment free of charge.

As soon as you are back from your holidays you put the equipment back into the box, stick the return label on it and drop it off at the next GLS shop.

As soon as you arrive home, pack the equipment in the box and return it within 2-3 working days. The time of delivery is not included in the rental period.

Sure! With the insurance tool of the Association of German Water Sports Schools (VDWS) you are insured against damage to your own equipment or to the rental equipment.

This has often saved us stress, which is why we definitely recommend the VDWS Safety Tool!

You can find more information about this directly on the VDWS website.

If any damage occurs, please contact us immediately and let us know.

We will discuss the further process, for example whether and how you can repair the damage on site or temporarily fix it.

LakeUnited Kiter auf Directional Waveboard in der Welle

Kiteboard Miete – Directional/Waveboard

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