Key Security Lock – Premium

Perfect wind and you are still looking for a safe hiding place for your car keys? With the Key Lock Premium this stress is over.

Simply secure your car key in the KeyLock Premium, and you are able to go quickly and relaxed out on the water.

Also perfect if you are at the spot with several people in your car.


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Many people who want to go on the water ask themselves 'where to': You are done with the preparations, the wind is blowing, but you still have to wait. Your 'better half' has not yet returned to take over the car key.

Or do you like to take your car key with you on the water? Doesn't feel right either.

It is not really safe. However, the KEYLOCK Premium is safe. You just put your key in there, turn the combination lock and you're done. Safe and calm on the water.

  • stow the car key safely
  • perfect if you have a companion at the spot
  • 4-digit numerical code
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Key Lock Premium

Key Security Lock – Premium



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