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Hallelujah, this neoprene hoodie is very versatile. We have chosen the most beautiful ProLimit neoprene hoodie and decorated it with the LakeUnited logo. A 'must-have' from our range. We always think he gives us superpowers. Pssst .. on land and also on the water.

When it's cold, we like to wear the hoodie over our wetsuits. When it's warm, also with boardshorts.


Product details

The LakeUnited neoprene hoodie is originally from ProLimit. The Predator lived up to our requirements, so we had our logo printed on it.

If you are not sure about the size, please feel free to contact us.

You can put the hoodie on over the harness by the water, as it has an extra opening for the harness hook. The hood offers additional protection from the cold wind.


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LakeUnited Neopren Hoodie

Neopren Hoodie – LakeUnited



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