Zulupack Backpack – waterproof

To be honest, you just feel important when you walk into the water with a waterproof backpack. Often we didn't pack anything, but we still had our waterproof bag with us. Just because. Should we ever need something valuable on the water, we have everything with us in the backpack. Ask us about drinks, a screwdriver, or a photo. Everything is possible with this backpack.

We have been looking for something useful for a long time and have now finally discovered the “Zulupack”. So if you want to take something important with you on the water (or in the snow), you're looking at the right product. The backpack simply makes you more attractive on the beach, you get a lot of looks. You will have to find out for yourself whether the other people admire the backpack or you.



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Product details

That's why we reommend the waterproof backpack:

  • waterproof daypack with roll closure
  • you can even use it for diving
  • transparent on one side
  • you can attach a signal light or a camera tripod on the outside
  • whistle for emergencies
  • 25 liters

What for such a backpack? We always have the waterproof backpack with us for kite training or for longer tours. I pack my backpack and take with me:

  • a camera
  • a mobile phone
  • my snack
  • Schraubenzieher und Werkzeug
  • important notes
  • maps
  • everything that must not come into contact with water.

Looking for a long time, we finally found what we were looking for. We don't want to miss the waterproof Zulupack anymore.


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Zulupack wasserdichter Rucksack

Zulupack Backpack – waterproof



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