Kite Coaching

at LakeUnited Kitecamps

Go to school again? Nobody really likes it. It's the same with kite surfing. Who wants to take a course after kiting for years? "I can kite anyway!"

But eventually everyone comes to the point where you keep trying the same things over and over - and fail because of the same mistakes. You kind of get stuck and you don't progress anymore.

That is exactly why we developed our kite coaching. We challenge and encourage you. In the end you will have a LEVELBOOST like trying it out yourself after 3 years.

Take it easy and switch to the fast lane: People are enthusiastic about our coaching.

Zweit Kiter haben gemeinsam Spaß am Wasser

Kite coaching: we support, accompany and motivate you!

Our coaching is not a frontal lesson, not a textbook kite lesson. Having fun together in a group, pushing each other, trying out new things and receiving the right support leads to success faster.


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We support you in kiting with our coaching approach: Together we check what you need and create a tailor-made step-by-step plan to your goal. 

We motivate you and accompany you in your sessions and beyond. The content of our coaching can be anything that has to do with kiting. You can switch to a different goal every day, maybe even within a session - most importantly, you have fun and progress.

Kiting is so versatile and there is a lot that you can just check out and try. Depending on the spot, you have different “toys”, i.e. various types of kites and boards, to choose from. If a trick doesn't work that way and it has run out of steam, you can switch to another toy and score your success points.

Take a look in our toy box

Our box of toys and tricks is fully packed and the contents are available to you during kite coaching - depending on the spot, of course:
LakeUnited Bus von oben am Strand - Lehrer entnehmen Material
"It almost hurts me personally to see when kiters want to save money or thinks they just don't need coaching. Watching them on the beach, we see things that they could improve quickly and thus lay the foundation for success, progress and a lot more fun. That's why we are so committed to kite coaching. "
Patrick von LakeUnited
of LakeUnited

Why kite coaching is so important to us?

Kiteschüler steht am Strand und beobachtet Kite-Coach am Wasser, der einen Trick vorzeigt

We are often asked how to get better at kiting.

Usually it's about small details with a big effect. Or about avoiding trained mistakes.

  • How do you hold the bar while jumping? 
  • Where do you look when performing a backroll?
  • How do you start doing kiteloops?
  • Have you ever tried strapless for wave riding? 

We see these small and bigger mistakes, we can answer all these questions and we really enjoy using our time at the camps to help you progress. 

By the way: The feedback from our previous participants, some of whom have been kiting for many years, is incredibly positive, so we have simply packed kite coaching into our travel package - and we recommend it to you too.