SP Footpads Pro TRS

Wir haben viel getestet. Hier sind wir fündig geworden. Das TRS Footpad von SP ist leicht, hat wechselbare, verschieden harte Dämpfungselemente und bietet einen extrem guten Halt. Passt zu allen Straps am Markt!


Product details

Light, comfortable, safe, supportive - this pad has it all! Invented for relaxed cuisen as well as for aggressive freestyle moves! With this pad you are doing everything right.

  • With a weight of only 420 g per pair, it is one of the lightest pads on the market
  • Memory foam
  • Toe edge for clawing
  • Cushioning, exchangeable foam pad system
  • Easy construction
  • Anti-slip top layer
  • Ergonomic 3D heel area for more control and comfort
  • Three mounting holes on each side of the pad
  • Fit on all boards on the market
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Footpad von SP

SP Footpads Pro TRS



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