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Surfing on the 'onda mais linda'

Her Mission - Female Wavecamp in Portugal

Drei Frauen am Strand, die gemeinsam lachen

Can you smell it already, the sea breeze? The energy of the waves and the sea attract you with all their magic: Your motivation, your focus, your passion come over you and you mentally get ready for your first session on the water - but you can hardly await the moment when you hit the water.

There is endless space on the water, perfect wind conditions and you are out and about with a group of motivated female shredders - This is your dream? It could become true soon!

We push, motivate and coach you with 120% support from our community! Female power – That’s our mission! Cabedelo Beach offers the perfect playful wave. There we will work together on your wave board skills. Under these dreamlike conditions, we move step by step towards the real "surf feeling". You will gain experience in wave kiting, you will learn a lot about the right wave board technique and how to ride up and down waves and troughs. Our photographer accompanies us and is also available for private shootings. Regardless of whether you are beginner or advanced rider: You are absolutely right with us on this phenomenal spot!
Frau auf Waveboard beim Female Kitecamp in Portugal in der Welle mit viel Spray

Kitecamp by power women for power women

A kite camp that combines female energy with the power of the magical and tough water sport 'kitesurfing'. Exactly where you push your personal limits and at the same time experience the greatest feeling of freedom in the world: In the wave!

Durch den thermischen Einfluss des Windes in Viana do Castelo, lassen wir es morgens etwas gemütlicher angehen und beginnen unseren Tag mit einer ausgedehnten kulinarischen Frühstücks-Verköstigung in unserem „you-can-get-it-all“ Hotel FeelViana. Satt, gut versorgt und glücklich starten wir nach unserem Motto „keen-to-balance“ in den aktiven Teil des Tages: Von Wavekite-spezifischer Theorie bis hin zu Balance-Skill Work- & Funshops – Wir bereiten dich auf die perfekte Welle vor.

And then...

The wind starts punctually at 11 a.m., initially builds up gently and reaches its peak at around 2 p.m. at a constant 25 knots. There it begins, our time on the water - in the Portuguese wind oasis, our dream spot!

Are you coming with us? Take the first step and book your trip with us into a very special adventure, also for us!

Join us in Portugal!

You can send us a non-binding inquiry at any time and get all the information about the offer. Then we will keep you up to date if the date does not quite meet your expectations.

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Hard Facts


Kiting on the 'onda mais linda' is our motto: on the most beautiful wave in the world. Praia do Cabedelo in Portugal offers the perfect conditions for our wave camp: from the finest flat water to 1.5 meter waves - with constant, sideways onshore wind.


Waveboards are included in the price. We have worked hard to provide the best waveboards for female riders from DUOTONE, Appletree and Woodboard. If you don't travel with your own kites, you can rent wave kites from DUOTONE, CORE and Ozone from us and test them extensively.


If you could dream of a place to stay, it would look like the FeelViana! Everything plays here: right on the beach, cozy vibes, breakfast buffet included, several eat & drink areas with dishes that you all want to post on Insta, pump track, wake park, wellness and much more.

Hard Facts

Wavecamp incl. directional board


16. – 22.05.2022

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excl. travel costs

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The Her Mission - Female Wavecamp in Portugal by LakeUnited

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Perfectly combined: wave and flat water

Spot & wind in Portugal

Directly from our hotel we watch how the wind slowly builds up around 11 a.m. and reaches its peak by 2 p.m. For the first session we usually set up our 12m² kites. As the wind increases, we switch to smaller kites. "Nortada" is the name of the onshore wind coming from the north on Cabedelo beach. It is supported by the daily local thermals which guarantees one of the most wind-safe spots!

The spot is bordered in the north by a stone wall, which offers us the finest shallow water. The further we look to leeward, the more waves build up: clean waves with a maximum height of 1.5 meters and long wave troughs, in which we have an infinite amount of space to play on the wave board.

No wishes remain unfulfilled

Luxury accommodation on the beach

The spot is only a 150 m walk from our hotel. We hop on a long wooden bridge directly from the hotel pool to our kite spot!

Imagine if you could bring the hotel of your dreams to life - without compromise and with everything you have always wanted. We found it! The hotel FeelViana offers you exactly that and even goes one better.

No wish remains unfulfilled: room service, wonderfully cozy lobbies, indoor and outdoor pools, wellness area with massage, pump track, fat bike rental, diverse sporting activities and a flair to melt away await you.

Your hotel room can be booked in double occupancy and offers sea or garden views.

Enjoy Portugal with all your senses

Activities in Viana do Castelo

In the morning we have time to relax or to explore the many possibilities in the area.

For example with a little bike tour: The 'Mecca of architecture', Viana do Castelo, the best view of the 'city' from Monte de Santa Luzia and enchanting bike paths along the Portuguese coast await us.

Those who prefer to stay closer to the water can go canoeing on the Lima River or the golden hours of the morning for surfing and bodyboarding.

And who says drinking smoothies isn't an activity at the beach bar? The wellness oasis in FeelViana invites you to relax, enjoy and let your mind wander.

Detailed information about our Her Mission - Female Wavecamp in Portugal

We have briefly summarized all the useful information for you.
If you don't have your own equipment or the right equipment, you are welcome to rent equipment from us. With kites from Ozone, Duotone and Core you are well equipped for your wave sessions. Waveboards are included in the price and are provided by us. You are also welcome to pack your own kite material and make progress with it.

In FeelViana there are several eating & drinking areas, all of which strike the perfect balance between ambience and delicious, seasonal, local dishes: restaurant, tavern, beach bar and wake park bar. All with a strong connection to nature: The view is either towards Cabedelo pine forest, the Atlantic Ocean or the Lima River. Breakfast in buffet form is included.

The journey takes place via the airport in Porto. Ryan Air flies to this airport quite cheaply, and taking sports luggage with you is fairly easy.

From Porto it's 45 minutes by car to Viano do Castelo. The hotel's own transfer costs € 100 for 2 people.

If you are staying in Portugal for a longer period of time or if you are carpooling with several people, a rental car is a good option.

Basically, we don't need a car for the camp itself, as we can walk to the town center and are well looked after.

Travel insurance: : We are no insurance agents, but we are obliged to offer you comprehensive travel insurance. And in truth, cancellation and travel insurance somehow makes sense. Just let us know and we will send you an offer from 'Europäische Reiseversicherung'.

Equipment insurance:
With the insurance tool of the Association of German Water Sports Schools (VDWS) you are insured against damage to your own equipment or to the rental equipment. This has often saved us stress, which is why we definitely recommend the VDWS Safety Tool! You can find more information about this http://safetytool.de/VY99056