Landkiting for kids
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The perfect kite course for kids

Landkiting for children

Erste Versuche mit dem Mountainboard

Where exactly does the wind come from? How can I use the wind and have fun? Landkiting is the ideal introduction to the world of kiting for children. 

Playfully and above all safely, the children get to know the beauty of this sport. It doesn't have to be kitesurfing on the water, we recommend starting on land for children and young people. Why? Because that's how we started ourselves and we know what we're talking about.

The age and weight limits that limit kitesurfing for children do not apply to landkiting, so everything becomes easier and more flexible. 

Children in particular progress quickly in land kite courses, the courses and their first own material are comparatively cheap and the children learn everything that can be useful when they start kitesurfing on the water. 

Landkiting for children: there is nothing better.  

Kitelehrer hält Landkiter am Trapez

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Landkite courses for children

Basic for kids


Intensive course

Basic for kids

Where does the wind come from and how do I set up my equipment so that I can have fun quickly? The children learn the basics of the sport of kiting in a playful way and with the perfect material. Attention is focused on the kite from the first minute. It is important to control and tame this. Steer, feel and learn the movement sequences in a playful way.

Joy and challenge guaranteed. 

Duration: 2 hours

€ 69,-

from 6 years including equipment


Would you like a little more action? The kite is being steered almost blind? As soon as the kite is brought under control it goes to the actual land kiting. We bring the mountain board to the spot and play with the kite and the board in combination. Now you need your full attention for the kite and the board.

And how much fun land kiting is.

Duration: 2 hours

€ 99,-

from 8 years including equipment

Intensive course

Ok, it's probably not just one unit. We know that: “Just one more time, please! Really, one more time ... ". Of course, you can also book our intensive course and visit us more often. There should be more children on the kite anyway, because it is really fun and extremely useful activity. Intensive means three units.

Forget about soccer training.

Kite4KidsDauer: 3 units / 2 hours each

€ 195,-

3 units including equipment

  • January to December

    flexible schedule

Land kiting is possible all year round. Most courses take place on weekends in the greater Vienna area or near Lake Neusiedl. We are very flexible when it comes to appointments and follow your schedule. However, we only hold our courses in suitable wind and weather conditions, which we will inform you about before the start of the course.

Beginning or Progress

Landkiting for children

Yes, we spent a lot of time on land, or rather on the kite, when we were younger. Actually, we didn't want to do anything other than land kiting. For children this is the perfect sport to get to know the wind. Control a kite and have fun with it. Whether it's purely about kite control or kiting with a mountain board is entirely up to you. 

Land kiting is playful from the age of 6 and guarantees joy, laughter and success. We recommend land kiting for children as a separate sport, as a cornerstone for kitesurfing on the water or as a meaningful leisure time. 

Landkiting for children in Austria

Thanks to years of experience and above all the fun of it, we are experts in the field of landkiting. You can find more information here. 

We have several options for our courses - depending on the wind and weather and your needs. 

Vienna: In Vienna we hold our landkiting courses on the Danube Island near the Schulschiff. It is very easy to reach by car or the underground U6. 

Burgenland: At Pannonia Fields we can really have fun together with the mountain board or buggy. 

Podersdorf: Perfect and excellent for collecting kilometers while street kiting. 

Course dates: We are very flexible in scheduling. Every day is actually suitable for learning something new. In this respect, simply contact us and we will make an appointment for a course. 

Requirements: eigentlich keine. Sollte dein Kind jünger als 8 Jahre alt sein bitten wir dich, uns im Vorfeld zu informieren. 

To take with you: wetterangepasste Kleidung, festes Schuhwerk, Sonnenbrille und Helm.

Verpflegung: bitte sorge für ausreichend Getränke für deine Kinder.  

All prices include equipment (kite, bar and harness)

With 15 years of training experience, we rely on the highest quality for our landkiting courses. You will be introduced to this new sport step by step.

We also get support through radio training from BBTalking. So we can communicate with you and give you tips, even if you are further away.

If you do not have the right equipment or do not own kites, you are welcome to rent the kite equipment and a mountain board or buggy from us. 

Just get in touch with us and we will take care of your precious free time. 

Quality of our courses, but also of the training material is important to us. We exclusively use equipment from Flysurfer for our landkiting courses.We have a large selection of kites and the right material for every condition.

The complete equipment (kites, bar and harness) is included in the courses.

Giving is definitely a pleasure. And we believe that you shouldn't give unnecessary gifts. Give meaningfully invested leisure time - give landkiting. Just contact us for a voucher. We will send you the voucher by email.