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Hydrofoil: Learn how to kitefoil

Foiler im See

It is a very special feeling: this moment when you leave the water, suddenly magically hover, it becomes very quiet and you can kite in weak winds. When foiling you kite in wind ranges where you would not even have thought of kitesurfing before. Kitesurfing on the hydrofoil is not only fun, it can also double your days on the water.

We have dealt extensively with the topic of kitefoiling and have developed a training concept that takes you step by step to success.

Our workshop in Podersdorf is perfect for you if you really want to start kitesurfing with a hydrofoil. 

Foiler mit Flysurfer Soul
Team Members
  • April - November

    spontaneous and flexible

We plan our courses according to the perfect weather and wind conditions. Sign up and we'll keep you up to date. If you want to do something individually, we recommend the foil private unit and we will make an appointment together. 

Foil workshop

the ideal entry into the world of hydrofoiling
  • Theoretical introduction, know-how foil boards
  • 2 lessons on the water
  • Foil included with every lesson
  • Boat escort and radio training
  • Video analysis
  • Photos and videos from the workshop
  • Max. 6 participants / 2 instructors
  • Duration: app. 7 hours


flexible schedule
  • Theoretical introduction
  • 1 lesson on the water
  • Foil included (Brand: Levitaz)
  • Radio training
  • Video- and photo analysis
  • Photos and videos from your lesson
  • 1 participant / 1 instructor
  • Duration: 2 hours

Details and schedule for our hydrofoil workshops

In the past few years we have dealt intensively with the topic and created an optimal course concept for foil beginners. The course fees include the following services: theoretical introduction, two sessions on the water with your own foil and boat escort, radio training, photos after the course. The course is for a maximum of 6 participants and is held by 2 instructors. We only hold the course if the wind and weather forecasts are promising. We will contact you personally and well in advance.
  • 9:50 a.m.: Meeting point at Kitesurfing.at in Podersdorf

    Nord-Nord Strand 1 - Entry ticket required

  • 10:00 a.m.: Welcome and theoretical introduction

    Differences Foil, introduction to the most important processes

  • 11:30 a.m.: First lesson on the water with foil

    Duration about 2 hours, boat escort

  • 1:45 p.m.: Lunch break
  • 3:00 p.m.: (de)briefing

    Debriefing and analysis first unit. Objective for second session

  • 3:15 p.m.: Second lesson on the water with foil

    Duration about 2 hours, boat escort

  • 5:30 p.m.: Debriefing and farewell
  • 6:00 p.m.: planned end

    Beer, Spritzer or any other cool drinks at Beachbar kitesurfing.at

Foil Coaching 

Kitefoil course

We have developed a perfect training concept for you to learn kitefoiling safely and quickly. 

The meeting point is in the morning at 10:00 at the kite school called kitesurfing.at on the Nord-Nord Strand (north-north beach) in Podersdorf. 

You will learn a lot about kitefoiling: why does a hydrofoil work at all? Which wing shapes are best and why is the correct mast position that important?

After a theoretical introduction you start to practice. We accompany you all the time by motorboat. The radio helmet gives you instructions and support from us. This will help you progress faster and celebrate your success. On this day we go to the water twice, two hours each. One thing is certain: it will be exhausting, but it is worth it because the feeling of hovering is indescribable. 

what you should be able to do


Are you wondering how good you should be at kitesurfing to start foiling?

Swimming is of course an important requirement, but you should also be able to do that for kitesurfing. 

If you are able to go upwind safely, have mastered the kite controls and you are fine-tuning your first jumps, then you are ready to start foiling. And no, it's not a question of age. Kiters are often looking for a new challenge or the feeling of hovering over the water.

Gute Session im Wasser


Hydrofoil expertise

We are pioneers and started hydrofoiling on Lake Neusiedl very early. Now we have already dealt intensively with the topic and developed a training concept for you that guarantees a safe and fast learning success. We have also written a beginner's guide that will provide you with the necessary knowledge. 


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Information about CoVid-19

Since we always strive for your complete satisfaction, CoVid-19 is not a problem for us. If we are not able to carry out a camp or a trip or should not be allowed to travel to or enter a country due to restrictions, we will notify you in good time and you will get your money back.