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Important & legal stuff

As part of our services, we have to point out some important points here. It definitely makes sense, too. 

Admittedly, we have all stopped reading anything online, or do you know the new terms and conditions from Facebook, Google and Amazon? 

Nevertheless: maybe have a look at our terms & conditions including the cancellation conditions, how we handle the equipment rental and how we practice kiting. The better you are informed, the more positive the surprises. 

Hier macht es Sinn einmal (kurz) drüber zuschauen, damit es zu keinen Unklarheiten kommt. Vor allem findest du bei den AGB`s Details zu Leistungen, Buchung, Storno und Mietbedingungen. 

To our terms & conditions Terms & conditions (T&Cs) 

Kitesurfing is often excluded from various insurance companies. Therefore, you should inquire again whether your liability and / or accident insurance has kitesurfing with you. 

We recommend that you also complete the VDWS Safety Tool for your course, especially if you rent kite equipment. As a lessee you are not insured and the VDWS Safety Tool could save unnecessary stress. 

Click here to get to VDWS Safety Tool

After you have completed our booking form, we will send you our booking confirmation. We will also send you an invoice for the total amount of the course.

Please understand that we have to charge the full course price for short-term cancellations!

Of course, nobody assumes to cancel when booking. It would also break our hearts (no pressure). Nevertheless, here is an overview of our cancellation policy:

  • you can postpone your course in good time (3 days) before the course starts.
  • from the 2nd day before the start of the course: 100%

Information about CoVid-19

Since we always strive for your complete satisfaction, CoVid-19 is not a problem for us. If we are not able to carry out a camp or a trip or should not be allowed to travel to or enter a country due to restrictions, we will notify you in good time and you will get your money back.