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High up on Lake Neusiedl

Kitecamp for advanced kitesurfers

Kiter greift während Sprung ins Wasser

According to the motto 'half vacation, half training camp', Lake Neusiedl with its many beautiful facets offers an ideal destination for our Advanced Kitecamp.  

We know the versatility of the Seewinkel, the wonderful bays in the lake, we know where the sunsets are best to be photographed and, above all, we know exactly how to finally do your front roll. 

This camp is aimed at everyone who can already kite and want to take the next step. 

Experience legendary kite sessions and downwind trips with us and let us show you the secret spots on Lake Neusiedl. Believe us, there is a lot to discover.

In the evening we ensure that this holiday in the Seewinkel is unforgettable with culinary highlights. Grill tongs and coal are already ready. Are you ready too?

Come home with 5 new tricks in your pocket, a new kite crew, a smile and aching muscles.

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The camp for advanced kiters. Back or front roll, higher jumps or the first experiences with foil and directional. Everything is possible at the training camp in Podersdorf. 


We recommend the full service package including equipment and coaching.

Leave us a request and we will send you all the information about the packages. 


We recommend that you stay in Podersdorf. So we can spend evenings together. 

We are happy to help you with the booking. 

Full service package

€ 649,-

excluding accommodation

Sommer 2023

  • 26.05. - 29.05.2023

    Entry and intermediate camp

  • 08.06. - 11.06.2023

    Entry and intermediate camp

You can contact us any time and we will send you all the important information you have to know. Just contact us and we will send you news and updates, if the date isn`t the right one for you. We`ll find a solution for almost everything.


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Get to know the lake from its best

Kitesurfing at Lake Neusiedl

Lake Neusiedl is versatile and our home spot. Anyone who knows the lake learns to love it, because there is hardly a comparable ambience and it's the spot where legendary kite sessions are created. With mainly (north) west directions, Lake Neusiedl shows itself from its best. 

Which kite size you need is difficult to answer. From 7sqm to 15sqm you should have everything with you. We know the lake with all its facets and spots, which we would like to show you. Whether Podersdorf or Breitenbrunn we make dependent on the wind direction. Or we do both spots on one day as part of a downwind trip. There are also some bays with flat water to explore. Beauty is so close, at least for us. 

Stay in place 

Accommodation in Podersdorf

Here we recommend the new accommodation "Lakeside 77". The lake is very close and can be reached within 5 minutes by foot. In the accommodation you can choose between double and single rooms and book these flexibly according to your needs. Of course, there are also family rooms if you are not traveling alone. A rich and regional breakfast buffet is included, as well as WiFi in all rooms. The lounge and the seminar room in the accommodation are perfect for our evenings and workshops. 

Of course, you can also stay in another hotel or bed and breakfast. We will help you with your booking! 

Discover the Seewinkel

Activities there and around Lake Neusiedl

The Seewinkel or Lake Neusiedl has a lot to offer in addition to the most beautiful sunsets. Here at the lake there is a lot to experience and discover. We'll show you our home spot and even tell you our secrets. 

Detailed information about the kitecamp in Podersdorf

Come visit us in Podersdorf, we will show you where we live. We have been exploring the Seewinkel almost every day since 2006. We know almost every corner and we still don't get bored. So let two locals show you the Neusiedlersee. 

We have briefly summarized all the useful information for you.

Hier geht es um Fortschritt für Advanced Kitesurfer, Community und erleben der Region Seewinkel. Im Rahmen unserer Reisen bzw. Urlaube möchten wir unvergessliche Momente schaffen. 

Unsere Kitecamps haben immer Fortbildungscharakter und richten sich bei diesem Camp an erfahrene Kitesurfer. Im Rahmen des Kitecamps sind Workshops zu unterschiedlichen Themen inkludiert.

This week we train you on land and water. We plan joint activities and organize guided downwinders, depending on the wind direction. You can rent kite equipment, then you are on the safe side. Of course, you can also come with your own equipment.

Die Veranstaltungen von LakeUnited haben stets Ausbildungscharakter. 

Denn unser Ziel ist dein nächstes Level und dein Fortschritt. Wir legen großen Wert auf Praxis und blicken mittlerweile auf über 15 Jahre Schulungserfahrung im Kitesurfen zurück. Trotzdem entwickeln wir uns ständig weiter, indem wir unsere Konzepte immer wieder überarbeiten. 

Es gibt schließlich nicht nur einen Weg, denn jeder Mensch lernt unterschiedlich und benötigt andere Inputs. Außerdem können sich bei dem einen oder anderen bereits Fehler eingeschlichen haben, die es gezielt auszubessern gilt. 

Um deine Skills am Wasser und am Kite zu verbessern, nutzen wir verschiedene Herangehensweisen. So werden wir mehrere Work- shops abhalten und auch Videoanalysen anbieten. Das hat sich bereits vielfach bewährt! Denn da wir die Detailarbeit lieben, können wir dich auf Kleinigkeiten aufmerksam machen, die andere gar nicht sehen. Oft führen schon ein paar kleine Veränderungen zum gewünschten Erfolg und du genießt mehr Spaß und Sicherheit am Wasser. 

In our high-quality kite lessons, we clearly see our strength in empathy and in working on a personal level. With empathy and a lot of fun, we will pick you up right where you are. This applies to beginners as well as professionals, after all, we have already trained some kite instructors in our academy.

Yes, kitesurfing is strength training! So that you don't just build up your muscles while towing your kite and otherwise sit around waiting for better wind, we offer you our equipment for rent. Whether land or water kite, a lot or little wind - we always have the right equipment for you! So you travel much more carefree, use new kites from top brands such as Flysurfer and Duotone and have more time on the water overall.

If you need help finding accommodation, contact us - we will be happy to help. 

Since there is a lot to discover in culinary terms in the area, we will plan dinner together and entrust you with our insider tips. We'll show you the culinary highlights around Lake Neusiedl.
Lunch and dinner are not included in the price.

All roads lead to Podersdorf. Whether you get to Lake Neusiedl by car, plane or public transport is entirely up to you. We are of course happy to help you should you have any questions. 

Travel insurance: We are no insurance agents, but we are obliged to offer you comprehensive travel insurance. And in truth, cancellation and travel insurance somehow makes sense. Just let us know and we will send you an offer from 'Europäische Reiseversicherung'.