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Kitecamp for Children 

Duotone Kite4Kids

Kiter springt und greift zum Board

Finally, a kitecamp dedicated to the young, to children and teenagers. The Duotone “Kite4Kids” camp focuses exclusively on the youngsters in kite sports. Push each other with like-minded people, learn something new, experience fun in a group and of course spend a lot of time on the water. 

A mixture of coaching on the water and workshops on specific topics make the week unique. Complete newcomers, as well as children and young people who are already practicing the first tricks are welcome. There will also be some surprises at the Duotone Kite4Kids Camp. 

Zwei Jugendliche mit Trapez um die Hüften umarmen und freuen sich

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Kite course and workshops over six days for children and adolescents (10-16 years) without any hour limit. Including radio and video training, workshops on different topics and Duotone kites and boards. 


In addition to the focus on kitesurfing, other content should also be taught. We focus on the creation of photos and videos in the sports sector, the correct use of social media channels and the appropriate nutrition. 


We organize the Duotone kitecamp with our partner from "". Here you can book everything. From flight to Hurghada, transfers and hotels. Sure, you can book the kitecamp only. 

coaching and equipment

€ 720,-

excl. travel and accommodation

  • Date 2021 follows

    Entry and intermediate camp

You can contact us any time and we will send you all the important information you have to know. Just contact us and we will send you news and updates, if the date isn`t the right one for you. We`ll find a solution for almost everything.

Duotone Kite4Kids Camp

Kitesurfing for children and teenagers

Together with the strong partner Duotone, we are organizing a kitecamp for the first time and uniquely for children and young people between the ages of 11 and 17. At the Kite4Kids Camp complete beginners as well as advanced kiters can participate. For six days we will spend as much time on the water as possible and improve the skills on the kite and board. No matter what goals the youngsters have, the Duotone Kite4Kids camp offers the ideal setting. 

Daily supervision (approx. 6 hours a day) is provided by two trained instructors and two interns. The coaching lessons on the water are held by radio training and subsequent video analysis. Possibilities: kitesurfing with twin tip and directional.

More than kitesurfing


Of course, the focus is on kitesurfing, but other skills relating to water sports should also be taught to children and young people. Our goal is a comprehensive mediation in the motor, cognitive and socio-affective areas.


close cooperation


The Kite4Kids camp is exclusive to the brand Duotone . This means that children and young people can test all Duotone kites and boards extensively and gain their own experience. During the week, the differences and advantages and disadvantages of the kites and boards are worked out together with the participants. This knowledge can then be passed on e.g. at a Duotone Testival as part of the kite camp. 

Detailed information on Duotone Kite4Kids in El Gouna

We have briefly summarized all the useful information for you.

We will meet daily at the Kite Power station around 09:30 and start with a common sporting activity. Then, divided into small groups, the goals for the next water lesson are discussed and worked out. 

After an extensive session on the water, we have lunch together at the kite power station. In the afternoon there is a workshop and another water session planned. 

Of course, the daily and weekly schedule depends on the wind and weather. 


The lessons are adapted to the age of the participants and their skill level. Thus, the children and teenagers are divided into small groups in order to achieve the goals they have worked out. 

The lessons are a mix of theory and practice, with a strong emphasis on practice. 

On the water, the kids are accompanied by the coaches using radio systems. Also included is a video camera for recordings to conduct extensive video analyses. 

The individual workshops are partly held by the coaches, but also worked out by the small groups and then presented. In this way, children and young people learn to actively organize lessons themselves.

The Duotone Kite4Kids Camp takes place in El Gouna at the 'Kite Power' station. The station can be reached by TukTuk from the respective hotel and lies a little further upwind. Since the station was newly built in 2019, you will find a modern station here. 

The spot has a large lagoon with a standing area. The wind is usually sideshore. In this respect, ideal for coaching children and adolescents. 

Although there are only few shells and corals in the water, we recommend wearing neoprene shoes. 

Please consider: All travel services (flight, transfer, accommodation, ...) are handled by our partner

The destination airport is Hurghada in Egypt. From Germany, Austria and Switzerland it is about 4 hours flight time. There you will be transferred to El Gouna, the destination of the trip, by transfer. 

There are many good hotels in El Gouna. Here you can trust's recommendation.

The Kite4Kids Camp takes place at the 'KitePower' station. 

Information about CoVid-19

Since we always strive for your complete satisfaction, CoVid-19 is not a problem for us. If we are not able to carry out a camp or a trip or should not be allowed to travel to or enter a country due to restrictions, we will notify you in good time and you will get your money back.