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Perfect conditions

Kiting in Hamata

Kitesurfing in Hamata
A huge standing area, turquoise water and a very high wind yield are the ideal conditions for our kitecamp. For one week, everything is about kitesurfing or learning to kitesurf. The conditions here are often referred to as 'laboratory conditions'. You can stay on the water as long as you have the energy or until the sun goes down - in Egypt we don't count count training hours very strictly.

The lagoon offers the finest sandy bottom with a huge standing area, which makes kitesurfing so easy, especially at the beginning. Constant sideshore wind in combination with reliable thermals make Hamata a windproof spot. Whether you have your first experience on the kite or work on your first jumps - the KiteVillage in Hamata is a perfect spot. 

Kiters' Hotel

Course dates

Travel dates

We offer fixed dates on which you can travel with us. You are also welcome to join us for two weeks. 

21.11.2020 - 28.11.2020

Entry and intermediate camp

28.11.2020 - 05.12.2020

Entry and intermediate camp

Please make your booking well in advance as our kitecamps are in high demand. If there is no space left, we will be happy to put you on the waiting list or try to find an alternative solution so that you have the chance to go kiting, too.

Service overview


Located in the Kitevillage Hamata directly at the kite spot. Spacious single or double rooms including half board (breakfast and dinner) 


Kite courses and workshops without hour limit including training with radio helmets and video training for beginners and advanced. 


Getting there

We would be happy to provide you with an offer for a return flight including a transfer to the hotel or personal travel insurance.

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Flight not included

Standing area and constant wind

Spot & wind

Laboratory conditions in the Kitevillage Hamata. It's almost too easy. There is nothing like it. This huge lagoon with sandy bottom is ideal for our project. You will not find any places where you cannot stand. We would be lying if we said: 'It is hard to teach there'.

The huge standing area and a constant sideshore wind make the job almost too easy for us. We can concentrate entirely on you and your goals and then celebrate your success together.

Even in the case of bad weather forecasts, Hamata has always surprised us - thanks to thermal wind. Usually we hang you on a 10, 12 or 14 kite - of course it depends on your weight. There are always outliers up and down - that's the way it is with wind and weather.

From bed to board


The KiteVillage Bungalows are spacious rooms with a large bathroom and a nice terrace, which are inviting for debriefings of the day. You will find everything you need. Except for a hair dryer, there is none. According to the meaning: “There is everything you need here. You don't need what doesn't exist! ”

Our offer includes half board and we all eat together, not just with our group. The kitesurfers from Hamata meet at a table and enjoy breakfast and dinner together. We love that, it's just part of it.

fun even for non-kiters


We offer plenty of additional activities for non-kiters and kite-lazy people. Or simply as an alternative if the sore muscles are too intense or if there is a lull after all. However, we are pretty good with the wind godess. 


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Detailed information on the Kitecamp in Hamata

We have been traveling to Hamata ourselves and with groups for years and are very familiar with both traveling to and in the country and kiting at the spot.

We have briefly summarized all the useful information for you.

In the lagoon with sandy bottom, standing area and constant sideshore wind you can take your first steps or your first experiences on the kite or improve your level.

As soon as the air starts to move, we start towards the water, because practice is a very important factor to us. As long as you have energy and are not afraid of a sunstroke, you can stay on the water and work on your kite skills.

Of course, in your week with LakeUnited there are also several different workshops that give you a comprehensive insight into the world of kitesurfing.

We cannot list the number of hours here, because you get full support from us this week. We design our program according to the circumstances. Since our goal is your maximum progress, you can look forward to a brilliant time with many successes.

In the meantime we look back on more than 15 years of training experience in kitesurfing. We are constantly evolving and revising our training concepts and have already trained a number of kite instructors in our kite careers. In a nutshell: We just have fun!

In addition, we not only want to accompany you on the kite trip, we also want to help you improve your kiting.

We have many approaches on how to improve your skills on the water and on the kite because everyone learns differently and needs different inputs. In this respect, we see our strength, in addition to high-quality kite lessons, also in empathy and working together on a very personal level. We pick you up where you need it.

We also see things that others do not see. We love the detailed work and help you to have more fun and more safety on the water - just with a few small changes.

We use radio systems from BBTalking for our kitecamps and kite courses. We don't like screaming - we'd rather whisper something in your ear. In addition, there are planned video analyses in the evening - even with a projector if everything works out as planned. 

For you, this means that an event with LakeUnited always has an educational character. If you do not need any training, we will find a solution for this too.

The KiteVillage bungalows are located directly opposite the kite school. You have a spacious room and a large bathroom. In the room you will find everything except coat hooks, at least they weren't there the last time we stayed. And we haven't discovered the hair dryer either. Everything else needed, including a television set is available.

Around these bungalows, you may have to be patient with the green areas, the pool and the grounds - all of this is not yet complete. But it doesn't have to, because we spend most of our time on the beach or on the water.

The rooms are comfortable and very spacious. Especially in the bathroom you have lots of space - just no hair dryer. In front of the room there is a nice terrace, inviting for one or the other debriefing.

Rooms can be booked as double rooms (DBL) or single rooms (SGL). We are also happy to connect single travelers within the group, so that as a single person you are not forced to book a single room. Double rooms are offered with separate beds. 

We eat breakfast and dinner together in the KiteVillage Camp. The chef 'George' cooks, who definitely knows his craft.

After an extensive kite session you need enough energy in the evening for the next day, this will get you a delicious buffet without any problems.

There are also plenty of vegan or vegetarian dishes. You can always find something - even the salad is excellent and the soups are a dream. 

The nice thing about eating at the Kitevillage Camp - there are two large tables where all kiters come together, eat together and then relax and have a beer or two.

The mood is extremely pleasant. And if you can play chess, the head chef will be happy if you challenge him.

The plane takes you to Marsa Alam / Egypt with a flight time of around 4 ½ hours from Germany, Austria or Switzerland. After you have bought the visa in the arrival hall on the left and maybe make a detour in the DutyFree, we organize the transfer from the airport to Hamata to the KiteVillage. This is the destination of our joint kite trip. This trip takes about 2½ hours, but it is definitely worth the journey. The lagoon - a dream. Your progress in kitesurfing - assured. 

Flight cost: app. 300 – 400 Euro

Visa: 25.- (as of April 2019) The visa can be obtained in the money exchange office on the left side of the arrival hall.

Catering while getting there: You should pack some food. Food is now rare on the planes and mostly not sufficient.

Money exchange: You don't need to change money into Egyption Pounds. In the KiteVillage you can pay everything in Euro. If you pay with credit card in the KiteVillage, e.g. at the beach bar or the kite station, an additional 3% will be added.

Passport: Of course you need a valid passport. It must be valid for at least 6 months upon departure.

Internet: You can pick it up at the airport (Vodafon), but be careful, the sellers are slit ears who know how to come to a conclusion with “lure offers”. We have already bought 12 GB and received 4 - now we know better.

There is also a shop at the kite station. A little more expensive, but there you get what you ordered.

Travel insurance: We are no insurance agents, but we are obliged to offer you comprehensive travel insurance. And in truth, cancellation and travel insurance somehow makes sense. Just let us know and we will send you an offer from 'Europäische Reiseversicherung'. 

How can we help you?

Just give us a call or send us a message. We're glad to hear from you!

+43 676 676 96 92