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We always come back from our kite camps with new impressions and can take so many valuable things with us. Our experience: When the right people come together, a dynamic is created that can be enriching, fulfilling and relaxing at the same time.

We offer you exactly such an experience in Morocco: A great kitesurfing week at a great spot, the opportunity to shift your own focus a bit and encounters with cool personalities - including yourself.

A wide range of kite coaching, breathwork and meditation units, yoga and stretching sessions awaits you. And as with every LakeUnited kite camp, the following applies in particular to Grow and Flow: everything can, nothing has to.

Discover our, your opportunities in Morocco!

Disconnect to Reconnect

On the one hand, the focus is on physical and mental well-being. We get support from three outstanding personalities who support us in the areas of physiotherapy and movement, breathwork, i.e. certain breathing techniques, and meditation.

The program includes breathing techniques, mental training, meditation, stretching and short yoga flows. Individual sessions with physiotherapeutic treatments or massages are also possible.

Pia für Grow and Flow Kitecamp beim Yoga
LakeUnited Kiter auf Directional Waveboard in der Welle

Kitesurfing: Improve your Skills

On the other hand, of course, we will spend a lot of time on the water. Essaouira is not called the African city of the wind for nothing. The thermal wind builds up reliably in the morning, so that we can comfortably prepare for our sessions from midday.

It's just ten minutes from our luxurious accommodation to one of the diverse kite spots - with flat water or light waves, twintip or waveboard... You decide where you want to progress.

Grow and Flow - Morocco

You can send us a non-binding inquiry at any time and get all the information about the offer. Or you can secure one of the few places right away.

  • 27.05. - 03.06.2023

    Grow and Flow for advanced kiters

€ 2.190,-

Coaching, mindful program, equipment and accommodation, excluding travel

Essaouira - Moroccos best kitespots

We discovered a little paradise in Essaouira: wind-safe kite spots, endless sandy beaches, a variety of conditions, extremely friendly people, excellent food - and best of all: A unique oriental villa on a mountain with a view of the sea.

Luxury Villa - The Casa LakeUnited

Our villa is equipped with small suites that can also serve as retreats. Spacious dining rooms and lounges invite you to talk and exchange experiences. Expansive gardens, two pools and a private hammam offer plenty of opportunities for relaxation.


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Facts Grow and Flow Marokko


Service overview


Hard Facts


With us you can achieve success quickly and easily. Our coaching concept for advanced kitesurfers takes you to the next level.

Kites, twintips and directionals – all these tools are waiting for you.

Imrove your skills!

Service overview

+ Coaching (2 kitecoaches)
+ Equipment (kites, boards)
+ Retreat (breath, meditation)
+ Physiotherapy
+ Hammam
+ Half board
+ Surfing session
+ Cooking class

May be considered a company training - tax advantages!


Our accommodation is in a luxury villa with two bed rooms, just a few minutes from the kite beach.

Apart from two evenings when we go out to eat in the souks and everyone pays for themselves, you will enjoy half board with breakfast and dinner in our villa. 

Hard Facts

Coaching, mindful program, equipment and accommodation from

€ 2.190,-

excl. travel costs

Get all the information

Focus on the essentials

Body & Mind

Every day you will have additional opportunities to devote yourself to your body and mind. In the morning we start the day with a focused body & mind workshop: breathwork, ice bathing, hypnosis or mental training, mobility and stretching, sun salutations or short yoga flows. Then you can take care of your body in a crisp physiotherapy session before hitting the water. Around dinner, we consciously take the time to exchange experiences. In order to really let go as part of our evening relaxation with hypnosis, meditation, muscle relaxation, calming breathing techniques or Yin Yoga.

With Laura we have a physiotherapist on board who takes care of your body. Pia and Kathi have specialized in breathwork, meditation and yoga. They have offers for your inner self and the balanced connection of body & mind.

Welcome to Africa's wind capital

Spot & wind in Moroccco

The picturesque port city of Essaouira is located on Morocco's Atlantic coast. Essaouira is known for its laid-back atmosphere and oriental flair, but also for the fantastic surfing and kite spots. You can kite in Essaouira almost all year round. However, the summer months are ideal, when kiters can expect more than four wind forces on 27 days a month.

The temperature differences between the cool Atlantic and the scorching desert inland accelerate trade winds from the north-easterly direction. The wind on the coast usually reaches its peak in the afternoon and can be really strong.

The spots are ideal for kitesurfing with the twintip, but there are also some nice wave spots to choose from.

You can't stop being amazed

Oriental luxury accommodation

Our kite camp accommodation will amaze you! We accidentally discovered this pearl in the middle of the Moroccan landscape while scouting for a location. A private, luxurious, oriental villa.

It is enthroned on a small mountain with a direct view of the sea. The villa has cozy rooms, extensive gardens, roof terraces, two pools and a private hammam. Our luxury home is just ten minutes from the best kite spots.

In our villa, we will be excellently fed. Breakfast and dinner are served directly in our accommodation, whereby we will enjoy real Moroccan flair and delicious oriental food twice in the souks. 

Detailed information about Grow and Flow in Morocco

We have briefly summarized all the useful information for you.

As soon as the wind picks up, we start towards the water. In addition to your practice, there are various workshops as part of our camp that give an insight into the world of kitesurfing. We design the exact program according to the circumstances. We cannot give you a number of training hours here, because you will receive full support from us the whole week.

Since our goal is your maximum progress, you can look forward to a great time with many successes.

Believe us, the days will be long but still too short.

In addition to kitesurfing and kitecoaching, we intrgrated another important topic into Grow and Flow Camps: trainers work with us on our mental and physical abilities. These include programs such as physiotherapy, yoga, meditation, breathwork, stretching and coaching tips.

Individual services such as massages, physiotherapy or individual coaching can also be booked on site for a surcharge.

Yes, kitesurfing is strength training! So that you don't just build up your muscles while towing your kite and otherwise sit around waiting for better wind, we offer you our equipment for rent.

Whether on land or on the water, strong or weak wind - we always have the right equipment for you! So you travel much more carefree, use new kites from top brands like Flysurfer, Core, Ozone or Duotone and have more time on the water overall.

We live in a gorgeous villa on a small hill overlooking the sea, only about 10 minutes from the kite spots.

The accommodation mainly offers double rooms, but they have separate beds. In addition, the complex has private gardens, roof terraces, two pools and a hammam.

Half board offers you a daily breakfast and – apart from two dinners in the souks of Essaouira, which you have to pay for yourself – also dinner as part of the camp.

We recommend a flight to Agadir, Marrakech or direct to Essaouira.

From there by rental car (we are happy to organize car pools among the participants) to the accommodation. 

Travel insurance: : We are no insurance agents, but we are obliged to offer you comprehensive travel insurance. And in truth, cancellation and travel insurance somehow makes sense. Just let us know and we will send you an offer from 'Europäische Reiseversicherung'.

Equipment insurance:
With the insurance tool of the Association of German Water Sports Schools (VDWS) you are insured against damage to your own equipment or to the rental equipment. This has often saved us stress, which is why we definitely recommend the VDWS Safety Tool! You can find more information about this