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Mann mit Wing und Skateboard über den Asphalt

It doesn't take too much to have a lot of fun. In this case, you need wind, a wingfoil and a board under your feet. You can really accelerate on land or water. Try the new sport with us and learn to use the wingfoil. We recommend wing skating on land at first to learn how to use the wingfoil. This own sport alone is worthwhile, it is playful and extremely intuitive.


The wingfoil is a little more complex on the water. You can combine the wingfoil with a SUP, but a foil board, with which you can float over the water, makes the most sense. Here we have a private course for beginners or advanced learners. The first water starts, the jibes and turns. We are entirely up to you. Whether land or water: Wingfoiling is simply great fun. 

Surfer mit Wing und Hydrofoilboard im Wasser

Wing-Kurse im Überblick

Wing skating

This course takes place on land and is the perfect introduction to the new sport. Take a longboard or skateboard, a foil wing and off you go. In a short introduction, we will show you how to use the foil wing and what to look out for. With the wing in the country, you can quickly celebrate successes and dash across the asphalt. It's a lot of fun and a lot happens intuitively. The course is also the perfect preparation if you want to practice the sport on the water. 

Duration: 2 hours

€ 79,-

Group course including equipment

Wingfoil on the water

It gets a little more demanding here. You can actually use all boards. It makes the most sense with a foil board. You can float on the water with the help of the foil wing. An incredible feeling. After a short theoretical unit, you can start practicing in the water. You will learn the basics and make your first attempts to start. If you already have experience, you can also learn how to jibe and turn. We are guided by you.  

Duration: 2,5 hours

€ 149,-

inkl. Equipment (von einem Partnerbetrieb durchgeführt)

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After you have chosen your course, we will contact you personally to make an appointment. Of course, you can also tell us your preferred date under "Comments". We look forward to spending time together. 

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entry point to a new sport 

Wingfoil skating

It's really fun when you surf the asphalt with the wingfoil and a longboard. All it takes is a little wind, extensive training and you're ready to go. We therefore definitely recommend starting this new sport on land, because it works extremely quickly and intuitively. During the course, we look at the assembly and dismantling of the foil wing together, then we explain the terms and what you should pay attention to. It will be practical if we show you the correct posture, especially in combination with the longboard. If you are already safe in both directions, we will explain the jibe and the turn to you. Success is guaranteed. 

entry point to a new sport 

Wingfoil - water course

The wingfoil was invented for surfing on the water. Using a large board, usually with a foil, you can glide or float over the water with the help of the wind. Admittedly, it is not as easy as it looks, which is why we recommend a private lesson here to get you to your destination safely and quickly. The Neusiedlersee is ideal for this because you can stand anywhere. After a theoretical introduction, you will go on the water with an experienced trainer. If you have experience in windsurfing or foiling, this would of course be an advantage. The course on the water is carried out by one of our cooperation partners. 

Surfer mit Wing und Hydrofoilboard im Wasser

Wingfoil in Austria

Wingfoiling or wingsurfing is a completely new sport that is still very young. And the great thing about it is that it is relatively easy to get started, especially on land while street surfing. 

The courses take place in Podersdorf. We will send you the exact meeting point after booking. 

The Wingfoil courses on the water are carried out by our professional partner company. 

Course dates: We are very flexible in scheduling. Every day is actually suitable for learning something new. In this respect, simply contact us and we will make an appointment for a course. 

Requirements: No prerequisites are necessary. Oh yes, at the water course you should be able to swim. 

To take with you: weather-appropriate clothing, sturdy shoes, sunglasses and a helmet if available. Your own longboard for the streetkiting course would be ideal. 

Water: Please bring your own neoprene here. If you don't have a neoprene, you can rent one on site for an additional charge. 

Quality not only in the courses, but also in the training material. We use equipment from Duotone for the wingfoil courses

Land: Please bring a helmet and protection for the Foilwing Street course. You will get everything else from us. 

Water: please take your neoprene suit with you. If you don't have a neoprene, you can rent a neoprene for an extra charge. 

Giving is definitely a pleasure and we are of the opinion that you shouldn't give unnecessary gifts. So give your free time well invested - give Wingfoiling. For a voucher just contact us or order in our shop . We'll send it to you by email.